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Authentic Mexican street food in Newcastle West

It's light, it's airy and the old caravan is still out the back. So the kids can run wild! 

The Mexican/Spanish translation for street food, or little cravings, is Antojitos. And in Steel Street, Newcastle West you’ll discover Newcastle’s very own Antojitos, a tasty diner that’s bursting with authentic and traditional Mexican street food flavours.

Born and raised in northern California, owner and head street food chef Eric Flores, said he grew up surrounded by Mexican culture and it was these tastes and recipes that he remembers so fondly and wanted to recreate.

Initially moving from California to Canberra, with wife Kristy, before heading north to settle in Newcastle to be closer to family, Eric instantly fell in love with his new hometown saying,

“When we first arrived, a couple of years ago now, one of the really interesting things I noticed was the creative scene. We’d been visiting over the years but when we came back I just thought how Newcastle has such great potential being so close to the beach, its great weather, interesting history and the blue collar feel which I like”.

Eric’s love for food eventually pulled him from his 9 to 5 job, starting with the Antojitos food truck and doing the rounds of local markets and events. When the space in Carrington opened up it was too good of an opportunity to miss.

“ When I started out with Antojitos it was all about encapsulating my idea about food, but also a little bit about my story as well.”

The idea behind Antojitos was not to be a Mum and Pop style restaurant. Eric wanted to bring the element of street food into the shop, with a bit of an edgy urban vibe to it.

And now to the food... everything is made from scratch, even the fresh corn tortillas and salsa sauce.

“We wanted to make sure it was more than your usual Mexican that comes out of a package or can. We use Mexican chilli, tomatillos and avocados which is more expensive but the flavour is so much better.”

Expect all your Mexican favourites like the chicken, vegie and fish burritos. The chicken, chorizo, vegie and cheese mulitas, otherwise known as 6 inch toasted tortilla sandwiches. There’s also a breaky menu that mix the bacon and eggs with the burritos amongst a bunch of other options.

To wash all your Mexican love down the Horchata is a must! This refreshing traditional Mexican drink combines Spanish cinnamon, coconut and rice water.

In addition to the beautiful food and urban interior, is the super friendly staff who would just love you to drop in and say hello over a horchata and a burrito or two.