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Charlestown Square Trading Hours 2018
Charlestown Square Trading Hours 2018

Dick Pics

In memory of the gloriously phallic, Queens Wharf Tower

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It’s a nice icon for the larrikin in all of us in Newcastle – we’re blue-collared, we take the piss out of everything and now we’ve lost that icon that represents a bit of that - Brett Piva
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Don’t freak out. I promise this article is 100% PG rated.

It’s been just over 2 months since we said goodbye to Newcastle’s biggest icon; The Queens Wharf Tower, which stood tall on our harbour since 1988.

Following the announcement that the Queens Wharf Tower was to be pulled down, local creative, Dylan Smyth was busy approaching fellow Newcastle based creatives for this collaborative project.

“It’s one I’ve had in the back of my mind for many years now and will be a great celebration of this sure to be missed Newcastle icon.”


Whilst the title of the book may set alarm bells off in your head, you’ve got to admit that many of us often referred to the tower in phallic terms!

“The way I see it, there’s two kinds of people: those that after doing something embarrassing, try to hide it and those that do something embarrassing and enjoy having a laugh about it, and accept it.”

The book has works from some of our favourite creatives all across the city; Liz Anelli, Sean Bell, Kiasmin Burrell, Trevor Dickinson, Suzan Freeman, Tom Henderson, Rayannon Innes, Lazybones Photo, Carl Morgan, Alex Morris, Noodcastle, Mel O’dell, Brett Piva, Mitch Revs, Dylan Smyth, Renae Titchmarsh and Kian West.


“I think we’ll look back and consider this [Queens Wharf Tower] to be an iconic piece of architecture. It was just too soon for anyone to have that belief at this time…I hope that this book isn’t taken completely as a joke. It’s tongue in cheek but it’s also quite serious,” says artist, Trevor Dickinson.


A celebration of the iconic piece of Newcastle history as well as showcasing the amazing artists and designers based here in Newcastle. The 40-page book is available online as of now! Or get your copy at the following markets.


Perfect Sunday Markets | 2 Dec
Where: Lass O’Gowrie
When: 2pm – 6pm

Sunset Gather | 8 Dec
Where: Newcastle Station
When: 4pm – 8pm

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