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Darby Street's New Coffee Scene

A young new crop of baristas have moved into Darby Street bringing with them some serious coffee vibes.

Darby Street's New Coffee Scene Image
Darby Street has long been a favourite for all things food, fashion and of course coffee related, and it’s fair to say that our obsession for the brown bean more than likely started somewhere along the Cooks Hill strip.
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Whilst cafes have come and gone over the years there are a few, like Goldbergs and Three Monkeys, that have stood the test of time, however, it is the new batch of baristas that are creating some coffee buzz. 
The Hop Factory

Starting with The Hop Factory, which you’re probably more accustomed to ordering a beer at, it's Darby Street's newest coffee destination. Larry and Toby head up the new team and Barista Ricky has joined the guys to take charge of the coffee. Ricky’s been in the coffee game for years and is bringing his experience and Little Street Roasters to the counter. Barista Ricky


Across the road at The Autumn Rooms we have Barista Francis. You don't need to be talking to Francis long to get the picture that he's really into coffee, and at only 19 years of age he's a new breed of young people taking not only their coffee seriously but their hospo career life.  

We sat down with Ricky and Francis, of course over a coffee, to find out how it all began for them. 

Barista Francis

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