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Culture Club

Lauren & Pietro are thriving in their newest coffee joint on King Street.

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Partners Lauren & Pietro are the owners of the newest coffee joint on King Street – Culture Club. If it’s not the colourful branding out the front or the flamingos by the door, it will be glitch’s coffee scent that will entice you in.

Opening in early January, Culture Club had a quick face-lift following the pair's purchase of the space in late December.

“We came in and looked at the space. I remember sitting at that table and all of a sudden, I’d thought I’m going to paint the bricks like this and I’m going to make this beautiful and we’re going to do this. Then all of a sudden, we were here; what you see now was what I saw then”


The space was no easy fix, from scraping the floor on their hands and feet to deciding to do the fix at the craziest time of the year; December!

“We jumped in really quick and were well over our heads…decided to do all this work in the last week of December/the first week of January, when there were no trades available. Thank god my dad is a painter…It took us two days on our hands and knees to scrape the floors back with paint scrapers. Only to find out that someone had taken to the floor with an angle grinder”

All that hard work paid off with their eclectic, 80’s vibes cafe.

“Originally, when we kind of started designing everything. We wanted a bit of a retro/80’s feel, and we also needed a name that didn’t necessarily mean ‘cafe’…we needed something that was fun, and we both really enjoy music and Culture Club is a name of a band but also its native and it’s fun”

Both Lauren & Pietro have extensive experience working in the hospitality industry, with Pietro currently studying commercial cookery; the pair decided it was time to take a break from Sydney and expand on their hospitality dreams.

Some might say that the pair opened up at the hardest time for hospitality businesses in the city, but they’re remaining positive!

“Well, we’re still open! And I honestly think things will only get better from here”

2/137 King Street
Newcastle 2300
(02) 4926 1412
Mon - Fri: 7am - 3pm
Sat - Sun: Closed
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