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Get To Know Our Photographers

Caitlin Schokker

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Originally from Perth, Caitlin loves to photograph people, musicians, creatives, weddings, food and small businesses.
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1. If there was one word to describe you, what would it be?
I'm terrible at answering these types of questions, so I phoned a friend a few times to figure out the best answer. 'Dorky' felt like the best one to go with because I can be such a silly person to be around sometimes, and I've been told that I make clients feel less awkward by how fun and silly I am whilst we shoot together.

2. If you could travel to anywhere for a photoshoot where would it be?
Iceland! It's up there on the 'places to travel to' list, but it's just super expensive. I understand why; it's a beautiful place.

3. What is your spirit animal?
I've never really thought about this type of question, so I took a quiz and apparently it's a deer!
4. If you could choose any two people to have dinner with who would they be?
Nirrimi Firebrace and Sha'an d'Anthes. An Australian photographer who I've adored for years, and an Australian illustrator who inspires me to keep things fun and youthful! I follow both on social media and absolutely love their content and their life updates. I'd love to have dinner with them sometime and just feed off of each other's different styles of creativity!




5. Reading or Netflix?
Definitely Netflix. I wish I could get back into reading. Someday I'll detest binge-watching and fall back in love with the written word.


6. Current TV series you're watching?
I'm re-watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt at the moment! Such a feel-good show.


7. Have you always been interested in photography? If not, what did you want to be when you were younger?
Ever since I was gifted a simple compact camera in 2007, I haven't put a camera down since. I did photography throughout high school, borrowed my mum's DSLR before making my first big purchase and buying my own DSLR in 2012, and took photography units throughout my university degree.


8. What do you enjoy photographing the most?
People, but mostly musicians and other types of creatives. I love capturing the creativity of others and merging our ideas together to create interesting photographs.

Betty Mim

Onyx Cafe

9. What was your last photo shoot?
I actually photographed a wedding recently! I've been doing videography for weddings, but a friend of mine took the plunge and trusted me to capture their wedding day in photo form. They were such a lovely couple and the day went smoothly.

10. If you had to move cities tomorrow where would you go?
I think Melbourne! I've never been, but I always hear good things about it - whether it's the food, the creativity, or the vibe.

11. What do you spend most of your money on? Clothes, food, makeup, homewares, etc.
Definitely food. I live semi-minimalistically, and prefer not to buy things when I don't need to. I'm definitely not a shopper, and prefer to love pre-loved and secondhand items. 
Corner House
12. Dine in or takeaway?
Dine in! I love experiencing food and service at the venue the food comes from. There's a lot of effort put into the interior design, the atmosphere, the staff doing their job a particular way to portray the business, and the food looks amazing delivered to you at your table. Takeaway takes all that extra effort away from it. I try to dine as much as I can.

13. Your favourite restaurant in Newcastle?
I don't get a chance to eat out that often in Newcastle, but I'm slowly making my way through some places I've had my eye on. My favourite to date is possibly Pino's! Beautiful, delicious, consistent, vegan Italian food made by some rad local guys. Knives (who's in the kitchen) is also just a rad dude and I'm so happy the guys made the new Pino's happen.

In House Kitchen

The Ori

14. What do you enjoy doing on your days off?
Climbing, for sure. Apart from gathering callouses from climbing holds at Pulse Climbing Gym in Adamstown, I like to get outside or do something energetic. Either go for a run, a bike ride, I'm currently learning to longboard with a friend, or go rock climbing outdoors up in the Port Stephens area or the Watagans.

15. Climbing or photography?
You can't make me choose! That's such a tough decision to make! I'll go with photography though, that way I'd be able to photograph professional climbing athletes to still have some sense of rock climbing in my life. I get such a thrill watching friends, family, and professionals climb and succeed at it.

16. You are originally from Perth, what is one thing you miss about Perth that Newcastle doesn't have?
I miss the sunsets over the ocean. Being on the opposite side of the country, I get to see the sunrises, but it's not as easy to be awake for that part of the day.

17. If you could have any superpower what would it be?
Hmmmm. Possibly to heal people. I'm someone who makes sure people are okay and are doing things to keep healthy (such as reminding friends to drink more water).

18. What would your cat say about you if he was a reference for a job?
Hah! He'd tell them that I'm very loveable, I can have a good chat (I talk to my cat quite a lot, but he's a chatty little feline himself). 

19. What is the biggest challenge you have faced whilst being on a shoot?
There's been one shoot where I was a bit taken aback by the subject of the shoot and how it conflicted with my diet/lifestyle choice. I'm pretty empathetic as a person, and couldn't quite switch off my view on the subject at hand, and had to leave the shoot. Which wasn't my finest hour, but it taught me that sometimes things don't go to plan and that I have a choice in keeping myself in tricky situations or desensitising myself to it.

20. What question do you wish I had asked but haven't? Feel free to then answer it.
What shoot has been my favourite to date?
I absolutely loved shooting at the Heritage Gardens Nursery! Olivia at the nursery is an absolute angel, and we've organised a few more shoots since I first met with her for Hunterhunter. Walking around the nursery gives me so much happiness, and the food they always make for me when I'm there for a shoot is always divine. Lovely people, lovely business, lovely flowers/plants/succulents to restrain from taking too many home with me.
Heritage Gardens
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