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Bonta Vera

Tucked away in Minmi this little hidden gem is becoming a mecca for vegetarians & vegans

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The peanut butter hot choccy with the stack of banana pancakes is a menu must!
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Five years ago John Baker’s life was altered dramatically after watching a documentary, titled Earthlings, that exposes the suffering endured by animals of all varieties at the hands of humans. Repulsed by what he saw, John was driven to take action and from that moment on he decided to stop eating meat and any animal products.

Bonta Vera
By John’s own admission it wasn’t the most appetising of transitions recalling how he pretty much just lived off fruit and nuts as he had no idea what else to eat. Bored with the bland flavours and dropping a bunch of kilos John decided it was time to take this vego thing seriously and discover what kind of diet he could have if he put his mind to it.

John went about experimenting and soon realised that you don’t have to miss out on any of the flavours he was used to eating, instead he was able to create a much healthier diet that was 100% plant based.
Bonta Vera
Bonta Vera

The results are delicious, to say the least, which is why it’s no surprise that word of Bonta Vera has spread far and wide, so quickly. John tells of a customer who arrived on his push bike all the way from Brisbane keen to try for himself John’s much talked about vegetarian and vegan menu. For the vego sceptics out there John proves that a similar meaty flavour can be achieved without the assistance of our furry friends. We dare you to try the Classic Cheeseburger and make your own mind up.

Not only can you expect a bunch of amazing flavours, but Bonta Vera’s unique bush location makes for a nice change of scene. Situated down a little suburban Minmi street in the old Minmi Courthouse, Bonta Vera is surrounded by bushland which adds to the peaceful atmosphere that’s difficult to replicate in the city.
Bonta Vera
The peanut butter hot chocolate, so delish!!

Bonta Vera
John doing his vegetarian thing in the kitchen.
Bonta VeraThe Classic Cheese Burger w/ Gardein beef, grilled cheese, dill pickles, tomato sauce, mustard & diced onion. Comes in either the double or the triple option.Bonta Vera

Bonta Vera
40 Church Street
Minmi 2287
(02) 4953 3033
Mon Closed
Tues Closed
Wed 11.30am-3pm | 6pm-8pm
Thu 11.30am-3pm | 6pm-8pm
Fri 11.30am-3pm | 6pm-8.30pm
Sat 10am-3pm | 6pm-8.30pm
Sun 10am-3pm
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