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Wests 5 Great Reasons
Wests 5 Great Reasons

Camping. You either love it or you hate it

Perhaps it's time you gave it another go?

Camping. You either love it or you hate it Image
Camping can be as low key or as glamorous as you want to make it.
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It doesn't have to be all freezing cold nights, eating out of cans and running a mile in the middle of the night to the nearest toilet. In fact, growing up camping was actually some of the best holidays I went on, and here’s why:
Reflections Holiday Parks
1. It’s a great bonding experience. 
Sorry to start off so cheesy, but camping (especially with family) can test your patience and easily make or break the rest of the holiday. Setting up the tent is no easy task; it requires a lot of teamwork (dad, or boyfriend, doing pretty much all the work while you stand there holding a pole in place). If this concerns you, best be taking the cabin option.

2. Ocean views without the big bucks.
One of the best things about camping is that you can wake up each morning in some of Australia's most stunning locations, without the big bucks attached – places which we most probably wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Reflections Holiday Parks is a great example, all their parks are located on Crown land, like Terrace Reserve at Brunswick Heads, with some metres from the beach, or river, others adjoining the most pristine reserves imaginable. Going to sleep with the sound of waves – yes please! 
Brunswick Heads
3. There is so much room for activities; you will hardly see the kids.
Unlike a hotel where you are either confined within the apartment or you all decide to venture out together, a campsite is just one big playground for the kids to explore. While you sit back with a glass of pinot the kids can run around keeping themselves occupied for days.
Reflections Holiday Parks
4. You can walk just about everywhere you need to.
Once you have settled in, there is really no need to move the car at all. Holiday Parks always have awesome facilities to keep you entertained and they are normally located near local shops and the beach if you are staying along the coast.
Reflections Holiday Parks
5. You can completely relax and switch off from technology.
Although many campsites now offer Wi-Fi, our phones are practically glued to us regardless of where we are and cabins and caravans are often equipped with a television, if we are going to be able to switch off anywhere it is going to be while camping. Something about being out in nature and lazing around with friends, food and afternoon refreshers really helps disconnect us with the stresses of reality.
Reflections Holiday Park
6. Experiencing, or using it as an excuse, to eat delicious food.
Damper, marshmallows over the fire, endless cheese platters, seafood…when on holidays right? Your morning walk also doubles as a way to explore the local foodie scene and grab yourself a coffee from your new favourite cafe.


William St Kitchen & Bar

William St Kitchen & Bar - Lennox Head

Camping can be as chilled out or adventurous as you make it, you can completely rough it or  glamp it up. Camping is all about  great company and a good dose of vitamin D!

If you’re looking for some caravanning and camping holiday location ideas, Reflections Holiday Parks is an excellent place to start. Covering coastal NSW and the amazing country regions this state has to offer, you’ll be sure to find a camping spot suited to you or your family. And if you’re not in to camping, the range of cabin accommodation available will ensure you can enjoy the ‘nature experience’ without getting your hands dirty pitching a tent.

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