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Wests Cruise Vacays Nov 2019
Wests Cruise Vacays Nov 2019

Are you in a study dilemma?

As the University of Newcastle continues to deliver world class opportunities, you can have it all and retain the comforts of home.

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If you’re considering university next year but still undecided on whether to stay local or pack your suitcases, here are a few things to consider.


Gone are the days where you need to choose between taking that gap year or leaving your mates and awesome coastal lifestyle behind. As the University of Newcastle continues to grow and expand their education offerings, delivering literally ‘world’ class opportunities, you can now have it all and retain the comforts of home.


How so?? Let’s start with.…


Their Semester Exchange, Academic Short Courses and Internships

Whether you’re looking for a short 2 week break or a more intense 12 month overseas immersion of culture, the University of Newcastle have established some incredible partnerships with universities from around the globe.


The opportunities are endless, we’re talking Mechatronics Semester Exchanges in Singapore, Swedish Soirees at Lund University, Law Study tours in Myanmar, Nursing in Xiamen, there are even 15-day study tours in Italy. These one-in-a-lifetime experiences bring another dimension to any studying experience allowing you to stay local but get a little global. To find out more click here.

University of Newcastle


The Creative Community Hub & Booming Cultural Scene

There are more reasons than ever to hang out in Newcastle these days, and it’s not just because of its beaches. The creativity sector is booming with co-working hubs, exhibition and art gallery spaces popping up all over the city.

Newcastle also has a one of a kind week-long festival in November. Known as Festival X the event has become a regular fixture on the events calendar for the School of Creative Industries with students from the Bachelor of Music through to the Bachelor of Visual Design Communication showcasing their abilities.
Save the date: Wednesday 13th - Sunday 17th November 2019

Festival X One of the performers from Festival X 2018.

Coffee Coffee Coffee

The top food group of all uni students, Newcastle is loaded with quality coffee houses and local roasters, allowing for plenty of coffee experimentation. Scattered all over the city and many just a stone’s throw from - Callaghan and Newcastle campus’, you’ll never be short of cafes to visit and new blends to try. Earlier this year Newcastle was even crowned with the title of Australia’s Best Filter Coffee thanks to Adam and Trent of Darks Coffee Roasters.

Getting Social but Keeping it Cheap

Hanging at home with the oldies is completely acceptable these days, and a smart move when you’re trying to save your dollars. Now whilst the home cooked meals and company are a bonus, getting social with your new and old mates is a non-negotiable. Newcastle’s food scene has taken an almighty leap forward in the last few years and there’s loads of Cheap Eats on offer so you can have your Dumplings, Burgers and Pizza without breaking the budget.


Because it’s Newcastle… DUH

Look, we’re probably a lil bias, but we just love our city. It’s grown up a lot in recent years and we love to call it home! So, why would you want to pack your bags and relocate for study when we’ve got all this right on our doorstep?

Reminder that undergraduate Early Bird applications for 2020 are closing soon. For more details click here.


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