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7 Ways To Help Get Plastic Out Of Your Life

Helping our planet starts with YOU

7 Ways To Help Get Plastic Out Of Your Life Image
Meet Hollie Newman, helping to educate people on the importance of nurturing our planet through her local street wear brand, Elasmo.
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Changing the planet starts with you. It starts with a shift in the way you think. It is about educating yourself and understanding that these issues are bigger than just you. It's about collective action.

Here at HUNTERhunter we want to start thinking and acting in a more environmentally friendly way. So, to help us out I sat down to chat with Hollie Newman about some everyday tips you can start incorporating into your daily routine.

Hollie is the founder and graphic designer of a local streetwear brand called Elasmo. What started out as a University assignment has quickly turned into a full-time job and stands for everything Hollie is passionate about.


The term Elasmo comes from the word Elasmobranch which is a subclass referring to stingrays and sharks. "With 25% of all elasmos threatened with extinction and plastic being an ever-growing threat, the world needs people willing to fight for change, to stand and protect and to educate others on the importance of nurturing our planet".

All the profits from Elasmo go towards various initiatives such as a monthly beach clean-up, education programs and research.


But what can you start doing today?

Here are a few simple things Hollie suggests that you can start doing now.

1. Keep cups

Did you know 2 million cups are thrown away each day. Plus, there are a lot of cafes around Newcastle that will even give you a discount on your coffee if you bring in a keep cup. Places such as Blue Door will even give you a discount if you bring in your own bowl for takeaway orders!

2. Water bottles

Instead of buying a new bottle of water each time, buy a stainless steel one that you can re-use.

3. Say no to straws

500 million straws are thrown away each day and let's be honest, straws are definitely not a necessity in life.

4. Bamboo toothbrush

Say goodbye to your plastic toothbrush and hello to a biodegradable bamboo toothbrush. It is still going to do the same job, it's just better for the environment, so it's a no brainer really.

5. Toilet paper

Toilet paper is often packaged in plastic. Organisations such as Who Gives a Crap produce toilet paper that is not only 100% recycled but gives 50% of their profits to building toilets in developing countries.

6. Stop using plastic bags at the supermarket

Bring your own mesh bags next time you make a trip to the supermarket. If you're like me and have a habit of forgetting them, make sure you leave a few spare in the car just in case. For the smaller, loose items you can always use a paper mushroom bag instead of the plastic ones.

7. Picking up litter on the street

Next time you are walking along the street and see some litter why not pick it up and put it in the bin? It doesn't sound like much but imagine if every single person was to do the same?

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