Saltire Estate

Providing a unique glimpse into the world of winemaking

Born in 2006, Saltire Estate came to life when the Leslie family acquired land that was originally part of the much larger George Hunter Estate, established by the Sydney restaurateur, Oliver Shaul in the 1970s. Today, Semillon, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Merlot vines still grow on the property. 

Providing a unique glimpse into their world of winemaking, the Cellar Door is situated inside the industrial winery, where you'll be able to check out the press, tanks and equipment used to make the very wine you taste. 

Each weekend, Mercedes in the Cellar Door delights in entertaining guests with travel and wine tales. She is a fan of all things Scotland - including Outlander, great Scottish castles and Harry Potter filming locations. She is always joined by Saltire's wine dog Maximus - a proud Miniature Schnauzer - who provides a very vocal welcome to all guests before settling down for pats. 

Saltire sounds familiar? You might have visited the property for the Lovedale Long Lunch in the past. The estate is one of the seven participating wineries of the event coming up on 18/19 May 2019.

Sit back, relax and sample their vast range of wines and let the Saltire Estate team cater a tasting to your palate and match you to wines that you won't be able to go home without! 

Head out to Saltire Estate to experience a different sort of wine-tasting in Lovedale. Follow the long driveway to the industrial winery, then follow the signs to find the cellar door waiting for you inside.

Or, if you don't have time to visit Saltire, head to their website were you can see their extensive range of wines. The Leslie family once owned Wandin Valley and Warraroong Estates so there are lots of wines at label clearance prices - some start from just $60 a dozen!