Running Horse Vineyard

Run away to this very cool and unique cellar door in Broke

We all love finding that special new place…. A hidden gem we feel proud to flood our Instagram accounts with and wax poetic to our besties or anyone who’ll listen. And, while there’s no shortage of insta-worthy places and vistas to capture in wine country, we recently found a new and very cool cellar door in the beautiful region of Broke. Folks, welcome to Running Horse Vineyard.

Owner Dave Fromberg’s passion for wine and equine runs deep. A former competitive Jockey, Dave has worked and lived on the property in Broke since his Dad first purchased it in the late 80’s to rear and train thoroughbreds. Horse racing may have been in his blood but viticulture was to be Dave’s most enduring passion and in 2000, he planted the property to Semillon, Verdelho, Chardonnay and Shiraz.

Fast forward 18 years and with a long, prosperous relationship with local winemaker Nick Patterson, Dave’s dream of making his own wines and selling them here under the distinctive ‘Running Horse’ label has become a reality.

The very cool cellar door which opened just last year is an architectural success story. Comprising six large shipping containers (yes, shipping containers) which support and house the double-width tasting room and amenities, the cellar door virtually hangs on the precipice of the property’s long driveway. The cellar door really is unique in every sense of the word.

On the outside, each container has a rusted metal façade which is striking and yet, the perfect fit for the rural landscape. Walking up the raised timber walkways that link the containers, you get a feel for the immense beauty of this place. A feeling truly realised once you step inside.

Upon entering the cellar door, the first thing you’ll notice is the tasting bar in the centre of the room which is, in-fact, what links two of the top containers to form the one, double space.  A statement piece, the glass benchtop is able to be lit from underneath so one can fully appreciate the hues of Dave’s wines, particularly his aged Shiraz’s.

For a seemingly small space, the cellar door feels surprisingly spacious and light. No doubt thanks to the large floor-to-ceiling windows which adorn each end of the containers. It’s the windows and more importantly, the views which they so perfectly frame, that make this space so special. Look left for glimpses of the Brokenback Mountains and Broke’s iconic Yellow Rock escarpment. Look right and you’ll see Dave’s vineyards and more of the beautiful country landscape.

With tasting benches across each wall and a long table for group tastings, the cellar door interior has been very cleverly designed to optimise the space and create a relaxed ambience befitting of Dave’s character.

Tasting wine with Dave is a very personal experience and not one that’s rushed. With the exception of the Chardonnay, which Dave explains comes from a vineyard ‘just down the road’, Dave grows all the fruit for his wines.  He then ages them carefully to ensure the vineyards and regions uniqueness comes through in the glass.

And it certainly does.

Running Horse Vineyard

1133 Milbrodale Road, Broke NSW 2330

Today - 1000 - 1800