Hungerford Hill Wines

Wine tasting in one of the Hunter Valley's most iconic buildings

Ever tasted wine whilst standing in a wine barrel? Not possible you say… well whilst the concept may seem a little impossible when you visit Hungerford Hill tasting room in the Hunter Valley you’ll get to do just that.

Located on Broke Road, Hungerford Hill has long been an icon of the Hunter Valley, renowned for not just its fine tasting and award winning wines but for the spectacular building that houses them.

Designed by Walter Barda and opened in 2002 the building's unique barrel-shaped tasting room provides visitors with a delightful wine experience.

The interior is equally as impressive as the exterior, stepping through the large glass entry doors you’ll enjoy a contemporary tasting space that blends modern and industrial interior furnishings with crisp country colours. If it’s a little early for a wine, then the espresso bar is always an option and you can enjoy either in air conditioned comfort or al fresco style in the Sculpture Courtyard.

Like many of the well-established wineries in the Hunter Valley, Hungerford Hill’s history is a colourful one. Initially established by Sydney entrepreneur John Parker in the 1960’s with the first vines planted in 1967. By 1970 it was vintage time and a cellar door was built just in time. Parker then went on to create the first wine tourism complex, which you may remember as having that really awesome kids playground. Sadly however, throughout the 80’s Parker lost control of the business and over the proceeding two decades Hungerford Hill languished.

Thankfully in 2002 James Kirby, a regular visitor to the Hunter Valley came across these extraordinary wines and on seeing their potential convinced the family to purchase the Hungerford Hill brand. A home was needed that fitted their vision, leading to One Broke Rd being purchased and work beginning.

Today Adrian Lockhart is in charge of all wine making duties and continues the unique Hungerford Hill style that combines Hunter Valley vines with varieties from some of Australia’s great wine regions.

Hungerford Hill Wines

2450 Broke Road, Pokolbin NSW 2320

Today - 1000 - 1700