Gruppetto Vino

Introducing Gruppetto Vino’s Unique Pink Prosecco

There is no doubt about Australia’s rising love for prosecco, so when we heard about a group of locals fashioning a new prosecco, we had to learn more!

Let us introduce you - meet Gruppetto Vino!

Gruppetto Vino Directors
Gruppetto Vino Directors

This quadra of owners wanted to share their combined passion for wine by bringing honest and approachable wines to the Australian market. And with their Italian heritage, their first release is understandably a prosecco. But it’s not just any’s a Pink Prosecco. Surprisingly, there aren’t many pink proseccos out there so we were extra excited about this wine that is just a little bit different.

Gruppetto Vino Pink Prosecco
Gruppetto Vino Pink Prosecco

And it is perfect timing! The design of this wine has a fun summer vibe - the bottle artwork reminds us of a modern take on those gorgeous vintage posters. And even though this prosecco is light pink in colour, the wine is not a sweet one. After a little tasting at the HUNTERhunter office, we think the wine's dry, crisp, fruity taste will go down swimmingly on a Summer’s afternoon. It was hard to stop at just one glass! David Owen, director of Gruppetto Vino, added, 

“We wanted to make a wine that felt fun and festive that would be great to drink at a summer afternoon BBQ, but also a wine with enough clout to be appreciated and enjoyed by an experienced wine drinker.”

The team at Gruppetto Vino are also hard at work building a cellar door in the Hunter Valley which will feature more of their range - and a fabulous view whilst you are sipping away. But until then, you can get your hands on this Italian inspired drop via their website. And they have some funky gift boxes too which make for a nice little present!

So with an exciting new wine on the scene, Christmas around the corner and really just any old reason to celebrate - we thought we would give you guys the opportunity to be some of the first to try Gruppetto Vino’s Pink Prosecco.

HUNTERhunter has teamed up with Gruppetto Vino and The Letter Q to offer you the chance to win a 'Pink Prosecco Party'. The prize offers one lucky local one of the first cases (6 bottles) of Gruppetto Vino Pink Prosecco and a Letter Q antipasto platter for 6 people. 

Enter Comp Now. Hurry competition closes 20/11/2020. T&Cs apply.


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