Tulloch Wines

Drink a little, eat a little & learn a little - in that order, at Tullochs.

Being a fourth generation winemaking family Tulloch Wines know what they’re doing when it comes to making wine, and they have some impressive medals to prove it. 

What they also do so spectacularly well is offer cellar door tasting experiences that not only have you drinking a whole lot of beautiful wines but, sneakily teaches you a thing or two about the grape stuff.

There are three wine experiences to choose from; the Wine & Chocolate Tasting, Mystery Wine Tour and the Discover & Explore and here’s what you can expect from each of them.

Wine & Chocolate Tasting $15pp
Believe it or not, they work beautifully together, but high-quality chocolate is important as well as having someone on hand to tell you which chocolate to pair with which wine. The combinations will blow your mind and will make your wine experience all the more delicious. Book Here

Discover & Explore $20pp

If you like to be adventurous with your wine tasting ‘Discover & Explore’ is for you. The Tulloch team have put an alternate bunch of varietals together that you've more than likely never heard of before. They also look at where in the world they've come from, who makes them and offers some tips on how to taste wine like a pro, as opposed to just guzzling it down. 

Your complimentary Wine Experience Booklet answers all those important questions like, ‘How quickly do I need to drink my bottle after opening’. There's some basic food and wine pairing tips as well as the heads up on what some of those weird wine words mean, like Terrior. All going to plan, you’ll be a wine expert in around 45 minutes. Book Here.

Mystery Wine Tour $35pp

If you like to have some fun with your wine tasting then the Mystery Wine Tour is the perfect option. With six wines lined up in front of you and no info provided on what the wines are, it’s your job to work it out, all by yourself. With only a tasting matt to guide you’ll need to sip and swirl your way to an answer. Once you’ve chosen a variety for each of the six wines your answers will then be judged by one of the Tulloch team and rated against your wine drinking buddies.

This one is equal parts informative as it is entertaining and puts the fun back into wine tasting. Book Here.  

Charcuterie and cheese plates are made available at each wine tasting experience and together with the comfy lounges and Tulloch cellar door there’s a good chance that you may just settle in for the afternoon.