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An interactive mystery show at Grossmann House

Maitland’s historic Grossmann House is set to be transformed this November and December into the stage for a unique play – The Secrets of Carmichael Manor.

Brought to you by theatre company Dark Stories, The Secrets of Carmichael Manor mixes mystery, history, and humour to bring you along for adventure where you – the audience – are part of the story.

The Secrets of Carmichael Manor follows eccentric priest Father Patrick as he and his companions are transported back in time to 1919, after he attempts to bring peace to the tortured souls at Carmichael Manor.

As Father Patrick unravels the web of murder and mystery at the heart of the haunting mansion, audience members will help solve the clues alongside the characters.

Set not on a singular stage, but on several ‘stages’ throughout Grossmann House, The Secrets of Carmichael Manor is fully immersive and interactive. No two performances of the play are ever the same, since audience interactions change each time. 

the secrets of carmichael manor dark stories maitland

Throughout the show, the audience will move from room to room in the aptly-chosen Grossman House under the guidance of the actors. In each room, different scenes will play out and audience decisions will be made.

If you’re a lover of all things supernatural and you fancy yourself a solver of mysteries, this exciting new play is for you.

Director and actor Kate Jirelle described it as a “Doctor Who meets Knives Out” – this immersive whodunnit will have you gripped until the end.

The Secrets of Carmichael Manor is only showing for two weekends – make sure you secure your ticket so you don’t miss out on this ghostly journey into the unknown.

The Secrets of Carmichael Manor

When: 25 & 26 November; 9 & 10 December, 2023
Where: Grossmann House, 71 Church St, Maitland
Tickets: $45 per person
More information: visit the Dark Stories website.