Heritage Gardens Nursery

An unlikely coffee, breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea stop

If so a nursery is probably the last place you'd want to visit. However, if you love a fresh and delicious menu, quality coffee and are up for something a little different there is one nursery that can take your mind off all things green.

Located on the left as you’re heading out to Maitland on the New England Highway, Heritage Gardens Nursery is probably better described as a botanical garden rather than a regular old nursery. The beautifully laid out and immaculately maintained garden space holds what would have to be almost every plant species that you can possibly grow in Australia.

Entering via the gift shop and indoorsy plants greenhouse, the path leads you into the massive nursery area that is conveniently sign posted so you know where to find your Ferns, Deciduous, Evergreens, Living Fences and of most interest to us, the Café.

Owners Olivia and Dwayne purchased the nursery several years ago, to making it a second-generation family business, and in 2016 chose to also take on the beautiful little café. New to the food scene Olivia and Dwayne decided to leave it to those who know best bringing two chefs and two cooks into the kitchen.

The fresh new interior is a perfect complement to the team’s new-look menu that’s best described as delicate, yet hearty and always garden fresh. The almost restaurant style menu features Crispy Skin Pork Belly alongside Beef Pattie on a Brioche Bun, a lighter option is Quinoa and Haloumi Salad and the Split Pea & Pancetta Puree Gnocchi. There are of course your cafe favourites like Coconut Chia Pudding or House Made Granola w/ Natural Yoghurt and Banana Bread w/ Ricotta & Honey.

The presentation of each dish is next level, especially of the desserts which are a combination of cooked in the kitchen and delivered fresh from the very talented Maitland-based Cunning Culinarian.

Open for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. Whether you’re long lunching it with the ladies, dropping in to pick up some gardening supplies or looking for somewhere to feed the kids you'll be pleseantly surprised.