Dennerley Leather Designs

Handmade and exquisite leather products you'll fall in love with

The smell… the feel of it. What about if it was locally made? Every stitch and every cut crafted right here in the Hunter Valley. If it’s yes to all of the above then we suggest you take a visit to Maitland’s Dennerley Leather Designs.

Husband and wife team Bob and Annie Dennerley have between them some 50 years of leather making experience and all of their skills are on display in their retail space on Maitland’s High St.

In a world of mass production and outsourcing of cheap labour, it’s rare to find true craftspeople, dedicated to keeping their trade alive, and even rarer to find traditional methods and tools still be used.

Bob chats of how some of the tools they use on a daily basis to craft their leather goods were imported from the other side of the world, from a long gone communist regime. And how these tools were used throughout the Industrial Revolution. Nowadays very few of these leather working tools survive, mostly melted down with more automated versions put in place.

Browsing around the collection of belts, bags and all sorts of leather accessories Bob openly admits that Annie has all the talent between them and makes at least half of the products in the shop. From totes to Classic Carriers, Clutches, Totes and the most spectacular Overnight Carrier a bag for all purposes. Including Bob’s very own Messenger Bag, which Bob swears by with the thrifty little bag able to hold all of life’s essentials in a manly kind of way.

Whilst the products are divine Bob is also one of those fascinating people who love to have a chat about all things life and leather.