Wattle Ponds

Hunter Valley Wool Store

Luxury yarns from across the globe in historic Wollombi

In what was an accidental find whilst sitting having lunch in Wollombi’s Panino’s restaurant with the local town folk, in what we discover to be their regular Thursday meet up. Amongst our conversations we’re introduced to Judith Hutchinson, owner of The Wollombi Wool Store.

Not usually open on a Thursdays, Judith very graciously packed up her knitting needles and invited us down to check out her seriously impressive collection of luxury yarns, needles and accessories.

Unexpected to say the least we meet Judith at number 2855 Wollombi Road, a cute little business sign on the gate is the only sign of what lies behind. Following Judith down the garden path to her and her husband Jim’s cottage, we step inside their living room turned yarn heaven and feast our eyes upon an Aladdin-like cave of woolen finds.

From floor to ceiling and from wall to wall yarns are layered upon yarns, with bright and colourful mixed amongst the neutral and natural tones all of which are spilling from the shelves.

A passion of Judith’s for many years The Wollombi Wool Store is a shrine to Judith’s love of the wool and her desire to share her knowledge with aspiring knitters and crocheters of all levels.

Judith’s collection ranges from the internationally renowned and British born Rowan to Italian brand Filatura Di Crosa, the exquisite and always evolving Australian range of Ella Rae to our favourite Noro. The Japanese brand whose complex colours and natural unevenness makes for a spectacular display.

Whether you’re a keen knitter or not, a wander through Judith’s wool store will inspire you to want to pick up the needles, or at least have you searching for someone willing to do the work for you. Judith’s a wealth of knitting knowledge and love for her little town makes for a pleasant pit stop and well worth a visit.

Hunter Valley Wool Store

56 Brigadier Hammett Road, Watttle Ponds NSW 2330

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