Does your apartment need a new look?

It's amazing what a few great pot plants can do to completely transform a space and breath new life into your home. So, where do you start….

Eyes to the corner
Corners of the room are a great place. Look for that drab space and create height with a feature plant. Just remember to consider: does it get natural light, no light at all or direct sun beating in. Make your plant selection to suit the condition, speak to an expert horticulturist who will help you select something that will continue to thrive. Fiddleleaf figs, Rubber plants, Peace Lilys, Dracaenas, Lady Palms are all great choices.

Look up High

Do you have shelving or high cupboards in your kitchen? Trailing plants can brighten up a space for such a small investment. Look to plants such as trailing succulents (if you get sunlight), or devils ivy or chain of hearts in a naturally lit position.

Look Down Low
Coffee table plants – these can make your lounge room look so styled. If your coffee table is anything like mine, it is usually cluttered with magazines, remote controls and last night’s wine glasses. Clear this away and add on a simple low growing plant like a decorative succulent or terrarium and it immediately looks fresh and cared for.

Photo credit Erin Brooks Photography

Look Outside
This should be the easiest of the transformations. Do you have a balcony or courtyard with a few sad pot plants? Think freshness. Do you want flowers and colour (be prepared to invest more time into them), do you want lush and textures or do you want edibles? Once you determine this and know the sun patterns, you are ready to ask the experts.

Grow Your Own
If you get 5 hours of sun or more a day, you can definitely grow easy edibles on your balcony. Dwarf citrus trees are ideal for pots and look great almost all year round. Olive trees are the new ‘trendy’ tree, they have beautiful silvery foliage and are extremely hardy in full sun or windy conditions.

Blueberry bushes are great, as are any herbs you may use. Just be aware that other edibles are usually seasonal (other than citrus) and so they will have to go through a few months every year of looking ‘not so great’ in your space.

Freshen up the Bathroom
Bathrooms, such a great place to have plants as most of them will love the extra moisture from the air. Air plants (Tillandsias) enjoy this environment, as do ferns, Peace Lilys or Philodendrons. Plant stands come in handy in a bathroom, as do hanging plant holders, as they don’t take away any space from your bathroom. 

Colour & Beauty
Using flowers and colours will completely transform your space, but again be prepared to either replant your annuals every 6 months to something fresh (this is the fun part of gardening) or have your perennials stop flowering for a number of months. 

Lush & textural
Easy to maintain and always green. Aim to cluster different heights and foliage textures together in pots in your courtyard. Think Travellers Palms, Ficus, Philodendrons, Bromeliads and Succulents/Cacti for dramatic effects.

However, before you start just ensure you are buying the right plant for your conditions, other than that you can’t go wrong introducing any form of greenery into your home.

If you've been a little plant inspired by the above be sure to drop into Heritage Gardens, who supplied these bunch of awesome plant suggestions.