Elysia Wellness Retreat

Relax, Rebalance & Refocus

As you enter Elysia Wellness Retreat, be assured that if you reach a closed gate you are in the right place. When reception buzzes you in you enter a peaceful bubble of instant stillness and relaxation.

You park your car, and then literally walk through a huge golden door, and as far as the eye can see is nature and not a whole lot more! Although in reality, the spa is only around the corner from hundreds of Hunter Valley vineyards and lunch spots to enjoy after your treatment.

Elysia Wellness Retreat is centred on the concept of relaxing, rebalancing and helping to refocus.

The luxurious change facilities and relaxation lounges offer the perfect opportunity to unwind and forget about all your outside distractions before your treatment.

I was lucky enough to experience the hot stone massage and an aromatic salt glow. Elysia Wellness Retreat exclusively uses products by BABOR and Divine Woman who both have a philosophy based on a holistic and natural approach.

The heated stones and essential oils were the perfect de-stress and relaxation massage therapy, while the aromatic salt glow exfoliated my entire body leaving my skin feeling incredible!

Once the treatments were over, there was no pressure to rush back to reality. There is a steam room and spa bath you're encouraged to enjoy before and after your treatment as well as fruit infused water and signature blend of herbal tea.

Elysia Wellness Retreat is where you can also immerse yourself in their all-inclusive 2, 3, 5 or 7 nights health and wellness programs which will help you discover a fresh, new lease on life and a balance of mind, body and spirit to achieve life-long health and wellness. 

Elysia Wellness Retreat

165 Thompsons Road, Pokolbin NSW 2320

Today - 0900 - 1700