Bespoke Hair Artistry

Meet the Women Behind this Stunning Hair Salon

We recently visited the beautiful new hair salon in Maitland, Bespoke Hair Artistry. Not only is this a unique and stunning space but we were thrilled to meet two lovely, strong women who supported each other and their team. Quite perfect timing really given International Women’s Day is on March 8.

Let us introduce you to Mel and Ali, the women behind Bespoke Hair Artistry. These two ladies not only work together, but almost lifelong best friends. They first met each other when they were 15, doing their hairdressing apprenticeships and 4 years ago they took the leap into business together.

Yes that’s right, although Bespoke has had a location and identity change, it has been around for 4 years - just across the street in Maitland. But as the original small team of three outgrew their space, they knew it was time for something bigger and better. Enter Bespoke 2.0!

Bespoke launched their new and much larger salon a month ago after working with renowned design and construction company, After Dark. Mel Shipley, owner of Bespoke, worked closely with After Dark to design a space around the client’s journey. The space had to guide them softly through the process of such a personal thing as your hair being cut, coloured and styled. 

We experienced this designed journey when we visited Bespoke Hair Artistry to check out the space for ourselves. Upon entering the salon, it immediately had a beautiful soft feel to it. There were luxurious velvet drapes, tan leather sofas and simple styling in rich, warm colours. We also noticed the extensive use of curves throughout the salon from light fittings, the placement of curtains, mirrors, shelving and furniture which all helped create a sense of calm and flow within.

We were then guided through to the colour bar, where very intentionally there were no mirrors. A decision to make you feel comfortable not having to awkwardly catch your own eye whilst you are waiting for that fresh new colour to set.

Next was the basin area where the journey had, again, been very thoughtfully considered. One of the best parts of a visit to a hair salon is having that scalp massage as you get your hair washed. Well at Bespoke, they have installed thick curtains to create a low light, private space for you to enjoy that moment without worrying about being too close to your fellow hair salon goer. So if you want to nod off...you go right ahead!

Then it was over to the styling area where you can relax into a leather bucket chair whilst the professionals do your hair in a way you never can!

All whilst you enjoy a glass of wine (or a coffee if it’s more time appropriate) and some nibbles. We can confirm, the designed, Bespoke experience has been nailed!

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Whilst finishing up with the styling, Mel chatted to us about her approach to business as women who supported other women. Mel went on to say:

“Ali and I are all for female empowerment and supporting [women] to do it all if they choose. Women can work, they can own a business and they can be a good mum.”

We could see there was a real focus on their staff. They are very selective about ensuring the best staff join their team to create the right inclusive and supportive atmosphere. And provide flexible working arrangements to help with a happy work life balance.

They also encourage team bonding and invest in their staffs’ training and development.

“Clients want to know we are on trend and it keeps the staff inspired, fresh and motivated.” Mel, Owner

They even encourage staff to pursue their passion outside of the salon too such as working behind the scenes on TV shows, styling hair for Fashion Week and pushing the team to go to the next level.

Looking after your staff seems to be a pretty winning move for this business. In just 4 years they have grown to 15 staff. And with the blood sweat and tears of both themselves and Mel’s partner, Blake, they have been able to move on up to this first class salon.

Bespoke Hair Artistry specialise in on trend hair techniques and lived in blondes. They also have a Brow and Lash Bar on site - a true focus on hair.

Bespoke Hair Artistry

334-336 High St, Maitland NSW 2320

Today - 0900 - 2100