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The Icky Sticky Patisserie

Handmade patisseries and sweet treats you're going to fall in love with

If beautifully constructed patisseries, devilishly good tasting cakes and a quality cup of coffee are your thang then, you need to take a drive to Lorn and visit The Icky Sticky Patisserie.

Jessica and Phillip are the owners of this cracking little patisserie and together with their red hot patisserie team The Icky Sticky is one fine tasting, and completely unexpected, little find.

Living and working in Melbourne for many years, Phillip as a pastry chef and Jessica in fashion, the pair began to tire of the big city ways. With Phillip originally from Maitland they would often return to visit friends and family and it was during these visits the idea became obvious.

Before they took the plunge Jessica and Philip took off travelling on a foodie kind of holiday, experiencing some of Europe and Asia’s best, and collecting a few foodie ideas along the way. Whilst vacationing much talk turned to what they wanted to do next and with Phillip’s dream always being to open his own patisserie, when they returned home the timing was just right.

As Jessica explains they just winged it, completely naive and unprepared as to the hard work that was ahead of them. Three years on, a whole bunch of staff and thoughts of expanding, it's fair to say they must be doing something a little more than just right. The Icky Sticky Patisserie has earnt itself a reputation for some of the most delicious tasting, and good looking, sweets in town.

Using only the best ingredients, Jessica and Phillip source what they can locally but will go near and far when it comes to sourcing what they need to create the perfect flavour. Passionate about bringing the handcrafted, artisan approach back to the world of pastries the flavours speak for themselves and you’re going to wish that Icky Sticky Patisserie was in your own backyard.

On a completely separate note when you visit The Icky Sticky be sure to bend down and check out the sweet little addition that's been installed by Jessica's very talented sister Emily of the Little Architecture. So quirky and so talented we just love it!

The Icky Sticky Patisserie

2/27 Belmore Road, Lorn NSW 2320

Today - 0730 - 1400