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Wins SILVER at this year's London Spirit Competition

The Farmers Wife Autumn Dry Gin has taken out a silver medal at this year's London Spirit Competition.

For an award-winning gin, the spirit needed to score highly in three different categories: Quality, Value and Packaging, and the Farmers Wife Autumn Dry Gin did just that.

Owner and Chief Distiller, Kylie Sepos said, "This silver medal demonstrates that we are making the type of spirit that bar managers and mixologists want to use and spirits drinkers enjoy choosing and drinking.”

If there was one job that you could do for the rest of your life, what would that job be?

Kylie Sepos asked herself that very question, after more than seventeen years in the corporate world, and the only answer that came to mind was - to make Gin. And that is how The Farmer's Wife Distillery came to be.

Located on the family’s stunning Allworth property, which is about a 50 min drive from Newcastle along the very picturesque Buckett’s Way, is where you will find Kylie hand-crafting her Gin along with that gorgeous purpose-built copper distilling machine.

Not one to rush things, and a self-confessed perfectionist, Kylie has spent the last few years tweaking her recipe and sourcing nothing but the best ingredients to create absolute Gin perfection.

“It’s taken about two and half years to get the Gin to this point, I am very fussy, and there’s been a lot of research and tasting done along the way.”

So how does one go from drinking Gin to making it?

“I have done a lot of reading. I am someone who learns very well from reading and when I decide to do something I will read every bit of information I can possibly find, so two years of reading and research along with some hands-on training. I completed a distilling course at Redlands Distillery in Tassie as well as a Federation University course in Melbourne which covered more of the biochemistry side of distillation which really helped.”

“When it came to the distilling of the Gin we enlisted Peter Bailey, who is based in Tasmania, to custom build the still to our own design, and at the time there was an 18-month wait, so I have had to be very patient. It was well worth the wait.”

Stepping us through the Gin making process, whilst we sit at the tasting bar, it’s clear to see Kylie’s passion for the world of botanicals and genuine love for the Gin spirit. When asked about the botanicals and how they are sourced Kylie explains,

“For the traditional Gin botanicals like the Juniper, which doesn’t grow particularly well in Australia, we import them from the UK to ensure they are of the best quality. What I can source locally I do like the Lemon and Anise Myrtle, Native Sage and Tassie Pepper Berries, along with our predominate Citrus notes which are Pink Grapefruit peel and Kafir lime leaves.

"Our signature botanical is the Native Sugar Bar Honey produced by Australian Stingless Bees which we source from the Australian Native Bee Company. It’s a fantastic business, Steve Maginnity the owner is focused on lifting the profile of Australian Native Bees so that people understand their importance to ensure their conservation.”

“I am actually going to be getting some hives brought up to have on the property permanently so I will be able to begin sourcing my own honey which is really exciting.”

In addition to the ingredients Kylie kept every inch of the business local partnering with Newcastle based creative agency, Beech & Co. to create a brand that represented the care and precision of the gin. Also calling on the very talented Zoe Lonergan for the stunning location and product photography. 

The Gin itself, if it hasn’t already been mentioned, is refreshingly beautiful, particularly with a splash of either Dry Tonic with lemon and a sprig of Rosemary or Dry Ginger Beer, lime and mint (the Gin-Ger Mule). It’s definitely going to be the drink of choice this summer! 

When asked what the big plan is for the business Kylie explains,

“My dream is to build a purpose-built distillery on some acreage that we own just down the road which will allow us to have a big permaculture garden, which is my other passion, so we can grow a lot of the botanicals ourselves. We want to build a place for people to gather to enjoy our spirits but most importantly be inspired by the magic of craft distilling. The plans are underway so hopefully, I don’t have to wait too long.”

The Farmer's Wife Distillery

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