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Bubbles, breakfast and oysters on the balcony

Sitting at the corner of Broke Road and Wine Country Drive is possibly one of the Hunter Valley’s most loved cellar doors.

With its beautiful sandstone building, exposed timber ceiling and vineyard views, it’s hard not to fall just a little bit in love with Peterson House.

Built somewhat out of necessity, with owner Ian Peterson feeling the need to celebrate the birth of each of his grandchildren with a special wine. When his first grand-daughter came along it just had to be bubbles. The problem was no one was producing sparkling wine in NSW at the time, so Ian packed up his bags and headed across the border to SA to make his own.

And this is where the bubble journey begins, and a super successful one at that.

If you’re thinking of visiting Peterson House early in your Hunter Valley trip, breakfast time is an ideal option for their Bubbly Breakfast. There’s plenty of other menu highlights like the corn fritters drizzled with Peterson House balsamic, topped with avocado salsa and crème fraiche, plus your choice of salmon or bacon, but it’s hard to go past a brekky that comes with bubbles!

If you're arriving in time for lunch then there is an extensive menu to pick from, however if you’re looking to keep it light and a little more social, head out to the verandah area and get amongst The Oyster Bar which is open every weekend from 11am. With either a ½ or full dozen option The Oyster Bar menu also includes fresh prawns served with American cocktail sauce, antipasto and cheese plates. There is also a fine selection of beverages including the Peterson Cider collection.

Moving back inside a quick visit to the tasting room is a must do and your chance to taste the vast collection of Peterson Wines. Heading back out onto the balcony, with a musician playing away in the corner, you could be a million miles away from the rest of the world.

Best be booking your visit to the Hunter Valley soon.

Restaurant Cuvee

2457 Broke Road, Rothbury NSW 2320

Today - 0830 - 1100 1200 - 1500