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The Levee

Our guide to getting caffeinated in Maitland

Coffee in The Levee, Maitland

If you’re in need of a coffee in Maitland, then never fear, we’ve done all the groundwork for you. We’ve sipped our way through the Levee to come up with our guide to coffee in Maitland.

Dragonfly Foods

Situated in The Hatch (the wooden box) in the middle of The Levee, Dragonfly Foods is pretty hard to miss.

Owner, Helen, has been doing markets and events for 12 years and this is her first solid building. Although she admits it is a bit like camping! The space is very small inside this hatch.

She pours Silverskin Roasters’ coffee alongside her famous homemade cupcakes. With flavours like salted caramel, Nutella, caramel coconut and cookies and cream – it’s hard to say no.

Dragonfly Foods at The Hatch is a great spot to sit in the sun and enjoy some people watching. You won’t miss a thing at this café!

Sweet Retreat Café

You feel like you’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole, like Alice in Wonderland, at Sweet Retreat.

They pour River Roast coffee, from just across the bridge in Lorn. It’s a mild blend, which is soft but very quaffable, and pairs very nicely with one of their sweet delights.

And as their name suggests, they have a delicious menu of sweets, like freak shakes, waffles, pancakes and an impressive array of gourmet cakes.

Black Label Espresso

For the coffee nerds out there, this one’s for you!

This specialty coffee house on the corner of High and Bulwer Streets has only been open a few months but is quickly gaining a name as for it’s strong, delicious, single origin coffee.

Pouring Delano beans from Wollongong, Black Label Espresso run two blends: a Maverick Blend with butterscotch undertones (for milk coffees) and a House Blend, a darker roast which is more hazelnutty (for black coffees).

But it’s not all coffee here, they also have a light food menu, thick toasties, wraps and bagels.

The Cabin Collective

This new kid on the coffee block is bringing some seriously cool coffee to Maitland.

Right up the northern end of High Street, near the Maitland City Library, is where you’ll find The Cabin Collective, run by husband and wife teams Dave and Bree, and George and Judy. This old converted garage has ample parking out the front, making it great for a morning coffee run!

Dave roasts his own coffee beans, but not in the usual fashion. He roasts them over open flames, whilst continually stirring them until they are just right.

I had my doubts about this coffee, but I was very pleasantly surprised. The flavours that Dave has managed to get into these beans are amazing. It’s a strong, smooth cup with a slight smoky hint at the end. You’ve got to try it for yourself!