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Charlestown Square Trading Hours 2018
Charlestown Square Trading Hours 2018

Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley

No more fumbling around in the bag or in your pocket, just wave your Smartphone instead

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Keys, remember them?
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They used to be all the rage and to be honest for most us they still are pretty important, however, they are about to become a thing of the past, particularly when you check into the Crowne Plaza in the Hunter Valley.

Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley has delivered a first in Australia with the launch of a ground-breaking guest mobile platform that offers a more convenient experience. And no more keys!!
Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley

The Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley app allows guests staying in the Villas to access their rooms using only their smartphone. The app is also a useful little tool for all Crowne Plaza guests with loads of information about the Resort and Hunter Valley area at the touch of a button.

Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley
How does it work? Pretty easily, the mobile keys are digitally generated by hotel staff and, once created all you do is open the app and wave your smartphone in front of the door.

General Manager, Lachlan Walker, of Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley said,

“The hospitality industry has shown tremendous growth in technologies aimed at enhancing the guest experience. Recent studies have shown that over 64% of travellers want engagement with their hotels via mobile devices including the ability to use their device as a room key. We are meeting our guests’ needs in the way that matters most to them.

"The technology will bring added benefits to staff and management at Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley, such as improving efficiencies at the concierge, easing check-in queues at peak times, and reducing plastic and paper usage."

Whether you are a golfer, a sit around the pool kind of guest or a getting out doing some wine tasting kind of person, the App lets you do it a whole lot quicker!
Crowne Plaza Hunter ValleyCrowne Plaza Hunter Valley
Crowne Plaza


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