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BARE Nature’sKin

Skincare that's as close to nature as possible

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with soap blends like Ylang Ylang & Patchouli, Lemon Myrtle, Bottlebrush and Chocolate, you’ll be sure to find a scent or two that speak to your soul...
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With a burning desire to create things, a love of aromatherapy and training in natural herbs, it’s no surprise that Michelle Waite turned her hand and mind to natural skin care. It was her move from Sydney however, to her Mum’s River Flats Estate farm in Broke, that set her course in motion.
Making beautiful skin care products for 15 years now, it was Michelle’s involvement in helping to maintain the farm and the olive trees planted by her brother many years before, that led her to start up BARE Nature’sKin – a hobby that’s now become her passion and life’s calling.
Bare NaturesKin

“It all started in the [olive] grove” Michelle comments. Already an advocate for sustainability, Michelle saw an opportunity to create something really special with hand-made olive oil soaps. The main ingredient being the soft, malleable, gelatinous natural oil by-product, derived from making River Flats Estate extra virgin olive oil.  

“Olive oil has long been known for its benefits to our diets, but its antioxidant and vitamin properties and moisturising effects are also very beneficial for our skin. It’s also easily absorbed and environmentally friendly” says Michelle.
Bare NaturesKin
In addition to utilising the olive oil products from the family estate, Michelle harvests her own herbs, seeds, flowers and minerals and utilises other locally sourced products wherever possible to ensure BARE Nature’sKin stays as close to nature as possible. Michelle even has goats, whose milk helps to craft some of her popular soap strips.


Bare NaturesKin



We love that no synthetic or artificial scents or colourings, are used in Michelle’s soap strips too, only pure essential oils. Even teas and natural mineral clays as well as the spices and herbs themselves form the colouring of each different blend. It’s the fibres and granules from gentle crushing of these herbs and spices that also create the soap’s natural exfoliant agent.
Checking out the BARE Nature’sKin collection at Michelle's shop in Broke, it’s clear that the products go beyond simple skin care. Her skin loving and nourishing range of olive oil and goats milk soaps make you feel good on the inside too and are so worth creating a daily bathing ritual around.
Bare NaturesKin
With 18 carefully crafted soap blends like Ylang Ylang & Patchouli, Lavender & Calendula, Lemon Myrtle, Bottlebrush and Chocolate (just to name a few) you’ll be sure to find a scent or two that speak to your soul. Michelle also makes other skin care products, like her Aloe Vera moisturiser as well as body scrubs and luxurious milk and honey baths that’ll make you want to instantly fill the tub!



BARE Nature’sKin products are stocked in a few boutique stores in Sydney and Newcastle and are of course available to purchase online and at Michelle’s shop in beautiful Broke. If you’re in the neighbourhood, we definitely recommend heading to River Flats Estate, which houses both Michelle’s BARE Nature’sKin products and River Flat’s Olive Oils and Chutney’s produced by Michelle’s Mum, Marian.
Bare NaturesKin
That way you can spend some time sniffing soap blends which by the way, smell so good you’ll almost want to eat them and exploring BARE Nature’sKin other hand-crafted natural beauty products. Michelle’s lovely shop also has an extensive collection of jewellery, crystals and salt lamps.
Bare NaturesKin
For those keen to have the whole experience, book a goat milking lesson with Michelle and Snow White, Michelle’s beautiful Sannen nanny goat or pop next door for an Olive Oil tasting with Marian. River Flats Estate also has weekend, holiday and farm stay accommodation available in three lovely properties all within walking distance of each other on the Olive Grove.

Bare NaturesKin

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