Norah Head

Norah Head Lighthouse

A unique stay experience on the Central Coast

For many of us, there has always been a mystique around a Lighthouse. Be it your childhood viewings of Around the Twist (enjoy having that theme in your head all day!) or exploring our great coastlines’ headlands, seeing them stand tall and romanticising about living in a Lighthouse.

Now many of these great icons of our coastlines have guest accommodation where you can spend a night (or week) living on the grounds of a lighthouse.

We are fortunate here on the Central Coast to have the magnificent Norah Head Lighthouse. Built-in 1903 and still operational to this day, the lighthouse sits on the headland surrounded by amazing scenery. The native gardens that shoulder the pathways, the lush rolling lawn, and the wooden staircase directly to the beach, rock plateaus, and pools to explore are reason enough to want to stay here. 

norah head lighthouse keepers quarters central coast accommodation

The natural environment is vibrant and as you settle in and watch the sunset over the horizon, with the carpark gate shutting at sunset to any non-residents, you know within the hour you and your guests are going to be the only ones occupying the headland, with pure seclusion and serenity for only you to enjoy.

Today we are exploring the Head Lighthouse Keeper’s Quarters. The 3-bedroom cottage sleeps 8 people comfortably and there’s a full-size kitchen, laundry, lounge room, and formal dining room, with an outside covered verandah with gas BBQ and grass area to relax and watch the days go by.

norah head lighthouse keepers quarters central coast accommodation

You have ocean glimpses from every bedroom window and being exposed to the elements, as you are on a headland, you get the full experience of the afternoon breeze, rain pattering on the roof, and t- the best bit - hearing the ocean whilst you drift off to sleep. 

Next door is the Assistant Lighthouse Keeper Quarters; again, this sleeps 8 people over 3 bedrooms and is equipped with a kitchen, laundry, lounge, and dining areas.

norah head lighthouse keepers quarters central coast accommodation

This cottage is perhaps better suited for those guests who are more open-minded to a light flickering, footsteps down the hall kind of activity. If you are a believer take the time to read the guest book to set the scene for you. However, these are just stories… you will have to go and stay for yourself to experience the tranquillity of this unique accommodation option on the Central Coast. 

norah head lighthouse keepers quarters central coast accommodation

For those looking for a one-stop location for your getaway, the accommodation allows you to bring your own food and beverage supplies and not have to leave the headland. You are also able to organise a private dinner from a local certified vendor or you can order some takeaway… the delivery driver won’t have an issue finding your front door! 

norah head lighthouse keepers quarters central coast accommodation

You also have a fantastic base to explore the surrounding Central Coast regions and try some of the great restaurants, bars, and cafes in the local neighbourhood.  Outside of Covid19 restrictions, all guests are invited on a private tour of the lighthouse where the very well-informed guide will take you through the rich history of the buildings and surrounding areas.