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Erina Fair launch their latest local artist mural project

Continuing their support of local artists Erina Fair has recently launched their latest mural art project, this time working with Toukley artist Ange Elder.

With the aim being to evolve and reinvigorate the public spaces within Erina Fair the team love not only supporting local artists but have become aware through previous projects that customers are also loving the injection of inspiring local artworks.

my happy place erina fair central coast nsw

The newest mural project can this time be found within the amenities of the green shopping level area with artist Ange working around the clock to get the beautiful mural completed.

“The mural took me 9 nights to finish, I would clock on when the doors shut at 6pm and I worked through the night finishing at around 4am the following morning. It wasn’t unusual for me to be driving home when the sun was coming up, so I now have a newfound respect for shift workers.”

my happy place erina fair central coast nsw

 “Whilst it wasn’t my regular working hours, I actually really enjoyed the solitude and lack of interruptions.”

The brief Ange received from Erina Fair was to remove the generic sterile feel of the amenities area, and inject something refreshing into the space that reflected the region's coastal mood whilst being quite minimal and not too cliché.

“The team at Erina Fair had come across a mural I painted in an Airbnb in the North Entrance, they liked the palate I had used so it was that mural that in some way became my template.”

my happy place erina fair central coast nsw

“There was a bit of back and forth, and the result was my interpretation of some of the Central Coast's most iconic coastal features. The beautiful rock pools, and Norfolk Pines which you can find from the south all the way up to Nora Head.

“Then there are of course our resident gulls which inhabit our beaches. It’s quite a simple paired back design and I’ve chosen to work with soft beautiful tones but yet still make an impact.”

my happy place erina fair central coast nsw

When asked how she found the experience of painting within an amenities area Ange laughed as she explained,

“Funny you ask, I have spent a lot of time in amenity areas. A lot of the work I am commissioned to do is within schools and hospitals. The murals are designed to make spaces which are typically not so attractive more welcoming and less confronting. So they aren’t so much for show as they are for the students and patients with the purpose being to make them feel happier.”

“So it’s fair to say that I have spent a lot of time around urinals [Ange laughs].

The result is a fresh new space for you to experience and as Ange explains, make your day a little brighter.

my happy place erina fair central coast nsw

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