Aryele the Label

Sustainable fashion and timeless style oceanside in Terrigal

When designers Kellie Sturm and Brooke Snopek decided to go back into fashion it was going to be very different.  “This time it was with a renewed respect for our planet and with gratitude and care for the makers behind each piece.” Brooke shares with us.

The respect Kellie and Brooke have for fashion and makers is evident as they speak passionately about every piece of clothing or jewellery they pick up; everything has a story. Kellie & Brooke do their best to ensure each beautiful piece in their store has been sourced with care and fits with their ethos of caring for the planet and for people.

A lucky few find a life-friend in their 30’s, meeting through a mutual friend at a party “we discovered we had studied design at the same university…but never met. Our friendship sparked from there. We quickly had a feeling that we might end up in business together one day.” 

“I studied interior architecture and Kellie studied fashion & textile design. We first formed an Interior Design Studio together, which we loved. However, with a growing awareness of the implications of fast fashion on the environment and the people who make the clothes we wear, our attention turned to how we could use design for good. From here, our slow fashion brand, ARYELE The Label was born.” Brooke shares.  

The lack of fast fashion is evident in the store. The colour palette is pared back to neutral tones and the fabrics feel luxurious. The styles in the window look timeless yet current somehow.

“Aryele honours the ‘less is more’ philosophy through slow-release, edited collections that build upon the last. Each new piece is thoughtfully designed to be styled with items from our previous releases and easily mix with key loved garments already found in your wardrobe. We love the idea of collectable, not disposable fashion.”

Brooke continues to speak about how ‘loved clothes last’ we can all really relate, if you love something in the wardrobe you will continue to wear it, right?! “Loved clothes are the most sustainable clothes. So, we design in ways that these pieces will feel beautiful to wear and feel current for many seasons. We look at micro and macro trends to see what will be relevant for a long time. Not the quick cycle range.”

The effortless style, Kellie and Brooke are creating, starts from the fabric their flattering garments are crafted in. They source premium natural fabrics from sustainable fibres. “Natural fabrics tend to be the most comfortable to wear and are also biodegradable.”

ARYELE Lifestyle store opened in Terrigal soon after Kellie & Brooke launched ARYELE The Label last year. This has enabled them to also curate a range of other ethically made brands, including the very impressive Australian denim brand - Outland Denim. “Outland Denim was selected for their incredible social purpose and message as well as their great styles.”

Outland Denim was founded to train and employ women who have experienced terrible exploitation and vulnerable circumstances. These women craft premium denim from the finest raw materials from around the world. The company has proven a sustainable career path and a social change for communities and many families in Cambodia. “Inside each pair of jeans is the story of the women who made them” Kellie shares.

The jewellery curation is from a U.S. brand ‘Soko’ which is a women-led, people-first ethical brand. Each of Soko's singular pieces is handcrafted using traditional techniques by a network of artisan entrepreneurs in Kenya, with an unprecedented 25-35% of revenue going directly to artisans for each wholesale order. Not to mention the unique pieces are beautiful and timeless and regularly sell-out. 

“The word ethical is a big one. We believe in an authentic journey of progress over perfection. There will always be new goals to set before us but each day we are committed to finding the best viable sustainable and kind option in every decision we make”

aryele the label terrigal central coast

This carefully selected edited collection of beautiful pieces is worth taking the time to find and explore. Be sure to drop by and meet Kellie and Brooke who are passionate about providing great insights into their store’s curation.