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The Savoy at Long Jetty

Don't be fooled, this is not your average bar

Look for the gold leaf signage

Don’t be fooled, this is not your average bar. Back in the day, the Savoy was once the Central Coast's largest cinema, but since Ben Pearce got his hands on the venue, things are looking very different.

If you’re not a local at Long Jetty, the entrance to the Savoy may go unnoticed. Built above the local pawnbrokers, if you don't catch the very discreet gold leaf signage the location of the bar is quite the mystery, that is until you make your way up The Savoy staircase.

For the last two years, Ben and his team have given the building a much-needed facelift. The venue definitely has a story to tell, from once being used as an indoor skating rink then transformed into a cinema, the Savoy now brings a little bit of nighttime excitement to the suburb of Long Jetty.

Using as many original materials from the heritage building as possible, the Savoy showcases the cinema's history in a clever way. From the wooden bar tops to the original movie posters, there is really unique feel to the drinking and dining space. 

"What we’ve tried to do is revive the building to what it once may have been. We walked in here two years ago and it wasn’t in disrepair, but it was in pretty bad state."

Little details such as colour matching the original green of the projection room and the burgundy of the ceiling add to the art décor palette theme. 

In addition to the super Insta worthy ladies bathroom and bar area, the Savoy’s lounge is where you're going to want to linger. Seating up to 65 people, the lounge is set up with old school style booths so you can get comfy as you watch a classic film play, tuck into one of the restaurant's pizzas and sip on a cold bevvy.

"We show movies in HD wide screen on the wall. It’s a really big throw but it has that old school cinema vibe with full service."     

On the entertainment front, Wednesday nights have been coined Savoy N’ Chill, which means movies will be playing on the big screen weekly. But be sure to book online to secure yourself a spot in the lounge. As for weekends, expect to see live dj's and local musicians doing their thing in the theatre.

So if you’re looking for somewhere new to have a drink, watch a film or catch some lives tunes, drop in and say hello to the guys at the Savoy. I can guarantee your friends will be hitting you up with the "Where dis?" when you post a picture on your Insta story.

The Savoy at Long Jetty

2/391 The Entrance Rd, Long Jetty, NSW, 2261

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