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Discover the hidden oasis & hospitality of Bouddi Peninsula, Central Coast

Killcare and Hardys Bay on the New South Wales’ Central Coast are the small coastal villages that make you feel like you could be anywhere in the world – yet it’s only a 90 minute drive south from Newcastle. Nestled in and around the Bouddi National Park, it’s the perfect place to find a little beach or fishing shack (or the growing number of tasteful McMansions) and get away from it all. While you’re there, make sure you emerge from the peace and serenity to try out the local hospitality!

the lucky bee hardys bay central coast

The Lucky Bee, Hardys Bay

Sitting street side with Matty Bennett and Rupert Noffs of The Lucky Bee you know they are part of the fabric that makes up Hardys Bay, we are interrupted by locals saying hello and regulars asking what’s new on the menu. The ease of interaction makes it clear they are at home. Two years ago, this breath of fresh air was a whirlwind to the local restaurant and bar scene and what a sensational addition it has become to the Central Coast.

Hardy’s Bistro, Hardys Bay

Nestled at the bottom of the entrance to Hardys Bay, you’ll find Hardy’s Bistro which has become a haven for locals and visitors alike since opening its doors in 2014. This is a great café for a casual breakfast, lunch or dinner or just duck in for a Toby’s Estate coffee. Like Yum Yum Dining, the Bistro is directly opposite the stunning and sparkling bay, and on a sunny day, sun pours into this heritage building overlooking the wharf. Definitely worth a drop in after a strenuous walk around the Bouddi National Park.

The Fat Goose, Hardys Bay

The Fat Goose is conveniently located next door to the Bistro and a few steps away from Yum Yum, so it’s easy to sample all that Hardys Bay has to offer. This bakery and café combo is a top spot for a laid back breakfast or lunch and they do a great coffee to boot. On the bakery side, you’ll find hand-crafted Italian style breads, rye loaves, classic European pastries, gluten free breads and sweets, muffins, friands, savoury pies and quiches. All are baked daily in house at The Fat Goose.

The View, Hardys Bay

After tramping through the National Park on a cool winter’s day, there’s nothing better than heading down to The View (situated next door to Yum Yum) for a wood-fired pizza. We weren’t kidding when we gushed about the scenery at Hardys Bay – these guys actually named their restaurant after it. The Pizza Bianca and Cajun Bacon has us drooling at the mouth. Enjoy a great meal at the restaurant looking out over the water or opt for a takeaway and have it brought over to you while you dangle your feet in the bay. Now that’s service!

Bells Restaurant & Bar, Killcare

If you’re looking for a fine dining experience on the Bouddi Peninsula, or in fact the entire Central Coast, you need to book a table at Bells Restaurant & Bar. This place has a spectacular view looking out over the National Park and its manicured gardens are a pleasure to stroll through on your way to a drink and a silver service dinner. Open since 2007, this restaurant has built up some great credentials in the fine-dining food scene. The menu is all about simplicity and freshness with seasonal dishes inspired by the produce grown and harvested in the restaurant’s very own vegetable garden. The five course degustation is high on our wish list! Treat yo-self.

Things to do

After all that wining and dining, you’re going to be in need of shifting a few KGs! So here are a few options of things to do in the area to burn off some steam (and saturated fats!).

Bouddi National Park and Bouddi Coastal Walk

Bouddi National Park is home to countless attractions, including one of Australia’s first marine protected areas, significant Aboriginal sites, wildlife and wildflowers, and even an old paddle steamer wreck. It's a great getaway for a weekend or a week. During the cooler months, keep your camera handy as you spot humpback whales migrating between May and September. Lookouts like Box Head and Gerrin Point are great vantage points for this beautiful sight.

Bouddi National Park is a spectacular coastal reserve with cliff top walks and pristine beaches. One of the most popular walks, but definitely the longest in the park is the Bouddi Coastal Walk. The natural beauty, stunning views and cultural heritage to been seen along the Coastal Walk makes it truly unique. While the walk is 8km one way from Putty Beach to MacMasters Beach, it is a relatively easy walk with picnic spots to stop and enjoy along the way.

The unique Marine Extension is a feature of the walk. Extending from Bombi Point to Gerrin Point, the marine extension covers 287ha and helps protect the marine life of the bay. Fishing is prohibited in this area, but it’s a great area to snorkel and dive in the warmer months.

Boat, Bike and Paddle Hire, Killcare

You can visit the team at Boat, Bike and Paddle Hire for any sort of fun on the water or on two wheels. These guys have all kinds of crafts, including the “BBQ Boat” which is growing in popularity on the Central Coast. These pontoons are awesome as they’re licenced for 12 people, so there’s plenty of room for your whole crew and you don’t need a boat licence to operate... it even comes with its own flushing toilet! Putt putt your way around the peninsula with your own floating mini-kitchen for a perfect day out. These guys also have tinnies for fishing the peninsula, as well as kayaks, paddle boards and push bikes so there’s something for everyone!