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Our picks for celebrating World Margarita Day on the Central Coast

When life hands you lemons, find someone with tequila and salt! Ok it’s a bad joke, but it's World Margarita Day! You may not feel like celebrating at the start of the week so keep this list till when it is a socially acceptable time of the week to have a cocktail or two or three.  

Margarita Daze

We are starting at the south end of the Coast in Umina mainly because Margarita is in their name so it’s a no brainier these kids know how shake it up.  With FIVE (5!) different Margs on the menu, you have plenty to select from their Daze Margarita - Jose Cuervo, triple sec, fresh lime and sugar, shaken on the rocks is their entry Margarita, followed by a Jalapeno Margarita, Blood Orange Margarita, Passionfruit Margarita and finally a Coconut Margarita.  

Bar Toto

A small trip up the road you find our favourite Italian trattoria Bar Toto.  This being a cocktail forward establishment and with the co-owner having been named in Australia’s top 100 cocktail craftmen – they can serve a stellar Margarita.  You never know with the creative flair and talent behind this bar they may just give this Mexican classic an Italian twist or maybe give an Italian classic a Mexican spin… anyone keen to swap out the Gin for Mezcal in a Negroni?!

Shady Palms

Promoting an Endless Summer this Avoca go-to eclectic surf shack inspired by Hawaiian and Californian surf culture makes a killer Spicy Marg. It is a little on the sweeter side and they are also delivering another version of the Tequila classic with their Shark Punch - A mix of Tequila, Basil and Vanilla with a sweet surprise. 

Joker and the Thief

This upstairs Mad-men style bar has one of the best back bars in Terrigal (Back bar is the shelves behind the bar with all the pretty booze upon it). Knowing this you are assured the Margarita Classic and Tommy’s Margarita are going to deliver a tequila tang with the salty rim. If you’re scratching your head what is a Tommy’s Margarita it is made with agave nectar instead of the traditional orange liquor.  

Johnny Tapas

Johnny Tapas

As we head to the north end of the Central Coast you arrive at Johnny Tapas, Norah Head. This may be one of my personal favourite variations of a Margarita on the Coast currently.  They call it their Sweet & Spicy Margy.  Tequila, Cointreau, Watermelon & Chilli.   This is one of those dangerous styles – you know the ones, they are stronger than they taste, the perfect balance between sweet and sour and easy to drink whilst looking really good on your Instagram feed!

Pocket Bar

The Coast's little pocket rocket is creative when it comes to the classics. On the menu, you find a Margarita twist Ruby Ruby inspired the classic margarita she includes Cazadorez Blanco, PX sherry, citrus, saffron, honey & pink peppercorns.  The other tequila-based cocktail you should try at Pocket is the Peachy Cans - This peach comes in a can – it was put there with Tequila, pineapple, lime & agave. Millions of peaches, peaches for me. If you’re old enough to remember the song Peaches, this cocktail is the perfect complement to the earworm that you now have with that song running through your head (Sorry, not sorry!)

Lyons Den

Having a Margarita classic style menu is not enough for Lyons Den you just know this team have worked on a twist to suit their safari theme bar. A round of applause please for the Kings Madness Reposado Tequilla, lime juice, lemongrass and chilli infused agave is a great spin and is for those who like their Margs. More tangy than sweet.

Now what is the old saying 1 tequila, 2 tequila, 3 tequila…?  Maybe we postpone World Margarita Day celebrations till the weekend so we have some time to recover!

Have we missed your favourite Margarita joint on the coast? Let us know @hunterhunter_cc