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Tropicana Pizza Pizza

PIZZA // DRINKS // RAVE repeat

Tropicana Pizza Pizza is the love-child of husband and wife team, Cate and Tim. The restaurant opened late last year and has been welcomed by the local community with open arms. Cate, an interior designer by trade, has created the restaurant like a “love letter to our time living in Redfern” and the interiors pay homage to 1970s with a Hawaiian vibe. Tropicana has a rotating selection of beers, which is a great way to sample a new brew on each visit.

Speaking about Woy Woy, Cate said, “The community here is exquisite. We’ve set out to reshape the nightlife in Woy Woy,” which has had a rougher image in years gone by. Cate added, “It really has been the case of “Build it and they will come” and we set out to build something we wanted to frequent.” These guys don’t take themselves too seriously and you can feel it amongst the fun vibes of the restaurant.

Tropicana Pizza Pizza

Shop 3/35 Blackwall Road, Woy Woy, NSW, 2256

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