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Rise Mofo

The pop of colour your day needs!

The name Rise Mofo is intended to be inspirational and cheeky all at once; so, as you say it out loud again know that Mofo is the traditional meaning and the guys behind Rise Mofo are also having a giggle…whilst thinking they are slightly gangster.

When you drive through the Main Road of Toukley and you first lay eyes on Rise Mofo it is far from the gangster style café you may be expecting.  The bright yellow awning shooting out of the building is the first sign these guys are more Rise (& Shine) then umm…mofo’s? 

Then approaching the small peek-a-boo styled café you are met with a bright, full wall mural telling you that “You’re always the best part of my day” – and you know from the looks of things Rise Mofo are the best part of many peoples’ day!

We sit down with Jesse Milani & Keelan Bates who, with their partners Liz Milani & Emily Bates, are behind this incredible café.  Two years ago, they bought the then established café and have since taken the time to move it towards what it is today and built a loyal following along the way. 

Keelan talks about how

“we wanted to create something we would enjoy going to, we kept tinkering and changing it up till we were happy” and “we actually come here on our days off – it’s become a selfish outlet”


Everything here is a takeaway option only, which is a good thing because if you stayed sitting in the café you may end up ordering one of each!  Emily is the creative behind the flavours you are seeing in the window and the small wall menu, “she has a real sensibility for flavour and experiments to create really delicious food offerings” Jessie explains. 

This was my first miso-mushroom toastie and I would drive the 40 minutes to experience it all over again.  You may think I say it in jest, however, Jessie and Keelan explain they have regular customers that actually do the drive from afar every weekend to have their favourites such as their classic Bacon & Egg Roll and Deluxe Brekkie wrap.     

Understandably too as café industry veterans, these guys are not messing around. After trialling a few roasters they are serving a cracking “South blend bean from Melbourne based roaster -  Coffee Supreme”; Keelan goes on to explain “after trying a bunch of quality coffee roasters from around Australia, we landed on Coffee Supreme for their consistency, quality and that their coffee always cuts through in whatever style you order"

The team speak proudly about using quality products that make the offerings so consistent.  The free-range eggs are from the Farm Lady and they have partnered with a hobby farmer from Matcham for the organic honey (you can purchase both products at the counter also).  They are using Sonoma for all their bread and pastries, just another example of using quality produce that supports the reputation of Rise Mofo.

If you want something a little lighter you can’t go past the super nutritious Maqui Berry smoothie bowl. These refined-sugar-free, dairy-free and vegan-friendly soft serve bowls are presented with seasonal fruit and crunchy muesli (a drizzle of peanut butter is optional – and recommended).   Rise Mofo is sourcing the berry soft serve from the only Australian supplier based in Newcastle - Mapuc Maqui.

When these two couples set out to create a place that would allow them a lifestyle they desired by being able to spend time with their families and have afternoons to themselves, they never expected to have people waiting for them to open at 6am or knocking on the window past the close time. I have not met many gangsters and I would say they're maybe some of the cheekiest, skilled and most committed Mofo’s I’ve come across.   

Rise Mofo

3/327 Main Road, Toukley NSW 2263

Today - 0600 - 1200