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The Lucky Bee’s new hive in Hardy’s Bay

More than two years after settling into the picturesque Hardy’s Bay, The Lucky Bee owners Rupert Noffs and Matty Bennett are rolling with what 2020 throws at them and buzzing right back with their PlanBee, which happens to be the name of the new café they just launched integrated to the original hive – The Lucky Bee.

planbee cafe lucky bee hardys bay central coast nsw

They discovered during the Covid19 NSW lockdown that grab and go options and pre-batched cocktails are in demand.  PlanBee is how necessity became the mother of invention and in the words of Matty’s Dad “you give the punters what they want”. Rupert and Matty found out you can survive a lockdown during a pandemic and be true to yourself - in this case, that is some delicious southeast Asian cuisine.

Knocking out the window of what was the disco ball lit dancefloor, they created the PlanBee café – however, some things remained…the disco balls are still in place and are now sparkling over the coffee machine!  PlanBee café is delivering Central Coast local beans from Glee Roaster coffee.

plan bee lucky bee hardys bay central coast

Keeping true to their southeast Asian roots of The Lucky Bee, PlanBee give us a spin on some café classics – they will serve a burger “but we make it an Asian spiced chicken burger and the classic British scotch egg even has some Asian flair with Thai chilli through pork mince” Matty explains.  

Their Banh Mi is also a go-to at the takeaway window, made with fresh daily fillings such as their signature Roast Pork Belly & Housemade Chicken Liver Pate, Pickled Carrot and Daikon.  You could also have a twist on the traditional Banh Mi and choose the Grilled Cheese, Smoked Leg Ham, and Gruyere Spiced Tomato relish!  All these tasty creations are served on traditional Vietnamese rolls sourced through a local Woy Woy baker with whom Matty worked to ensure the authenticity of the bread. 

plan bee lucky bee hardys bay central coast

For beverages, outside of great coffee, there are some additional café favourites to enjoy – The Fix Cold Press juice, is providing a variety of plant-based beverage combinations pre-bottled for takeaway.  Just in case you thought the bees weren’t delivering the honey for those with a sweet tooth – think again!

You will be happy to discover PlanBee is providing a variety of tarts and pastries supplied by Soul Food - to even the sweetest tooth, these gluten, vegan, or dairy-free treats are moreish! 

Expanding the offering, they are now serving Yum Cha 12PM - 3PM Saturday and Sunday, and during summer months you can get your fix on Thursday and Friday nights too (keep an eye on their instagram for the dates!) All the fan favourites are included, Pork Shumi steamed dumplings, Szechuan Pepper and Salt Chicken Wings and the Twice cooked pork hock bao buns!  Keeping it authentic you are asked to take a menu card, fill it in and return it at the counter and get yourself the best seat in the house – a picnic on the waterfront!  

Rupert, Matty, and their team are definitely some busy bees and have been able to make their PlanBee into a new destination we all get to enjoy.