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Pearl Beach

Pearls on the Beach

A true pearl in fine dining

There is something about the atmosphere and essence of Pearls that makes you want to exhale, slow down and be in the moment.

Nestled in the corner of Pearl Beach, sheltered by Norfolk Pines and beach grass, Pearls’ has uninterrupted views of the beach and ocean, captivating you with some of the best scenery the Central Coast offers and relieving you of your day to day responsibilities in a most seductive way.

This may be one the Central Coast’s most celebrated (Good Food Guide, One Chef Hat – multiple years) yet uncovered treasures of the region.

Beloved by locals and tourists alike, Scott and Mel Fox have led the Central Coast’s little pearl for 18 years and they still underplay the simplistic luxury they have created.
Scott and Mel Fox
Scott and Mel Fox

It is hard to think that your attention could be swerved from anything except your physical location and then the food arrives. 

Taking your interest could be Byron Bay Berkshire pork shoulder terrine, chervil sauce, red cabbage kraut and fine herbs or perhaps the Marlin carpaccio, burnt shallot, jalapeno & coriander salsa, blood orange marmalade, cashew cream. These generously served ‘small dishes’ give you the flexibility to either indulge in multiple smalls or select something more substantial from the large dishes section before finishing the meal with one of Pearls’ seasonal desserts. 

As we talk to Scott and Mel about their inspiration for creating a unique menu, their passion is evident.  You will not get multiple menus here, no locals' nights or kitchen suggested tasting menus. Scott and Mel explain it simply as

“Degustation menus can be too rigid, we don’t want to force people into things, it allows you to return and have a different experience if you please”.

So, if you would like to have a tasting-style meal with matching wines, this can be easily achieved or you can order traditionally through the menu. The service team will lead you through the offerings and create the dining experience you desire. 

The curated wine list is created by getting “on the road and talking to producers and wine makers” Mel mentions, as we start to talk about where the vision for the list comes from.  “We seek out different wines and varietals so our guests are getting a special experience and something they may not have experienced before”.

Mel is candid that she is not a sommelier, however the way she easily discusses the regional differences between varieties Vermentino and Pigato, and how she and Scott spend time visiting vineyards from Italy to Adelaide, inspires trust that our wine journey is in capable hands. 

pearls on the beach restaurant central coast
pearls on the beach restaurant central coast

“Casual Fine Dining” is how Scott describes the establishment. The crisp white walls pop with multimedia art pieces by regular patron Wayne Hutchins and there's a personal touch with ‘Bruiser’, a portrait of Scott and Mel’s late dog, by local portrait artist Michelle Kinnane.

These personal touches, combined with the location and the complexity of the contemporary menu, puts this restaurant in a league of a select few on the Central Coast. It's a dining destination that will leave you subconsciously planning your next trip to this little piece of paradise.