Eat & Drink

Milky Lane

Big juicy burgers, over-the-top desserts and crazy cocktail have arrived! Milky Lane is now open in Terrigal

Just when you thought you had tried all the new openings this summer – Terrigal’s new kid on the block say’s ‘hold my beer’! Milky Lane has finally found a home on the coast, and excess does not begin to describe the experience we are about to undertake.  

If you are not familiar with the Milky Lane offering it is all about big juicy burgers, over-the-top desserts and the craziest cocktail combinations that conjure all types of childhood memories, such as the Zuppa Dooper flavoured cocktail that is equal parts boozey, icey and refreshing. 

The cocktail list includes some Milky Lane classics with the Bondi Sour and the Dolla$ign Spritz being fan favourites, you also have the option for sharing and ordering a cocktail dispenser for the table – not enough and feeling like some fun? – how about some corner shop candy infused shots…a Strawberry Cloud, Warheads and Nerds are available!

Milky Lane burgers do not mess around and share equal billing with the drinks menu. In 2020 we saw the creation of ‘Get this India’ a towering burger packed with Butter Chicken, fried chicken coated with papadums and garlic naan fingers oozing with mozzarella cheese.  This monthly special is just a sample of the creativity and flamboyant creations we will be experiencing at the Terrigal outlet.  

These clever chaps have regular menu options such as Kevin Bacon, a Double Char-Grilled Beef Pattie, double American Cheese, Crispy Smoked Bacon and Milky Lane secret BBQ. There is also the additional recommendation of adding a Mac and Cheese Pattie and Cheese Gravy. 

Loaded Fries come with Bacon, cheese, cheese gravy and probably more cheese – can you ever have enough cheese or bacon?!

Scrolling through Milky Lane Instagram is a feast for the eyes and you must ask – who is creating these outlandish offerings and how do I get my hands on any of it!  Speaking with Christian Avant, the genius behind Milky Lane, he explains

“Having always been involved in clubs and the entertainment side of hospitality, I wanted to create somewhere I’d enjoy. When you come to a Milky Lane we want you have an experience, take a booth at 7pm and stay till closing.  We have DJs playing and plenty of different cocktails to try."

In the last four years the brand has grown from strength to strength with the success of the Bondi outlet creating momentum for a franchise platform.  Now with eight stores open and eight in the pipeline, it was time to expand to the Central Coast. “Finding a position and partner on the Central Coast has been a long process,” Christian explains.

The Milky Lane team knew that the location and franchise operator had to be right and they found a match in local businessman Renaldo Robbertse, who is passionate about Milky Lane and bringing this unique indulgent experience to the Central Coast.

Making the venue unique in Milky Lane style, the team have entrusted the Hip Hop inspired murals to artist Dallas Clarke and PIQUE who have brought to life the murals featuring music icons such as Post Malone, Kayne West to Cardi B and Lil Wayne… filling the walls with just as much character as the menu itself.

Milky Lane is an assault on your senses with everything being extra and beyond over the top and we are here for it!