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West Gosford is where it's at for legendary coffee and culture

The journey of Legend Coffee is a long one, let’s say about 12 years, with owner Pete Andrews explaining how it all started when he was young and in love.

"There was a woman behind it, not yet my wife, but at the time we were probably headed in that direction. She was working as a patisserie and I was enjoying being young. Working and travelling and I thought perhaps I should get into coffee, that way it was something we could do together, and I liked coffee."

"At the time I was working at a ski shop and our regular coffee shop, Mecca, was around the corner. They are one of the best roasters out of Sydney and they have their roastery in Alexandria. I was going in every day and I talked to the owner and it was him that suggested I get into coffee."

I didn’t do any courses, I didn’t try and get a job in a local café. I just wanted to get a job somewhere where I could learn about coffee from day one as opposed to the hospitality side of things.

Prior to opening Legend Coffee + Culture Pete had been working for various roasting companies across a few different cafes when the realisation hit that he could be doing what he loved and working for himself.

"We didn’t want to go anywhere else. It was an area that didn’t have anything else like it and it’s where I want to be, and where I want to live."

With a few years of experience under his belt, Pete opened Legend Coffee in 2019 seeing an opportunity to bring something unique in the coffee culture to the Central Coast.

Today it’s fair to say that things have taken off with Pete supplying around 12 different outlets, with most of these being in Sydney.

So what can you expect from Legends Coffee?

"We use several different importers who bring in really nice coffee. My favourite would probably be Colombia. They are great in blends because they have big full coffees with lots of flavour and body and character in them."

The coffee that we get from there hit all the marks, they have a nice flavour there’s nothing harsh or bitter.

However, if you like to keep things safe when it comes to trying coffee Pete recommends the Gossy, it's their best seller and well worth a cup on your visit.  

Legend Coffee and Culture

4/401 Manns Road, West Gosford NSW 2250

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