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Long Jetty

Glass Onion Society

The heart of Long Jetty - this cafe has it all!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner that capture the imagination and deliver on the plate.

It’s hard to miss the Glass Onion Society in the Central Coast suburb of Long Jetty. Why you ask? Because it’s the busiest café on the street. The café is known for its not so boring vegan friendly and gluten free menu. Place your offers where you will, but the pulled jackfruit burger is the dish you can’t pass up.

The Glass Onion has a well-established customer base, with the café taking residency in Long Jetty’s main street eight years ago, and in 2018 owners Kelly and Adrian took over and have continued to keep the Glass Onion Society legacy alive.

"We were both customers here for many years, we knew what the culture was like within Long Jetty and the Glass Onion. We didn’t need to change anything, we bought the café for the sole reason of what they created."

The café springs to life with personality with the walls covered in artwork from local artist and Avant-garde furniture that you secretly wish was yours.

"Interior wise we changed a lot of the artwork, but it is still in line with what the Glass Onion always had. So local art, photography, abstract art... We engage with a lot of the local artists that visit here."

The menu has something for everyone, with the Big Bad Brisket Burger, the V-Gasm or the Hanky Spanky to name a few. And don’t worry, it’s all G-rated despite the cheeky dish names.

The Glass Onion Society is yet again giving back to their little Long Jetty community by staying open late on weekend nights. So, you won’t have to worry about missing out if you work mornings. The Saturday Night Eats will focus on good quality food and even better-quality live music. The food served will be casual Italiano inspired, shared plates that cater for both herbivores and carnivores.

In addition to the food, there will be spoken word poetry nights once a month and art exhibitions for local creatives to showcase their work on a more intimate scale. The café hopes to offer up a tasty meal before you head over the road for a drink at The Savoy.

Glass Onion Society

308 Entrance Road, Long Jetty, NSW, 2261

Today - 0700 - 1500