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Fluffy goodness for everyone

There’s a lot to love about Bouffant bakery. Co-owners Andrew Mansfield and Markus Kunz have considered every aspect from the beautiful sandstone building to those gorgeous pale pink interiors and a wonderland of pastries that are housed within and produced by patisserie extraordinaire Markus.

Then there’s the name, Bouffant, which Andrew and his team decided on as a tribute to the much-loved pastry that they began selling out of their sister café Ooomph, in East Gosford, many years before.

“Most of our products have silly names, and Bouffant followed on the tradition. Markus, who is Spanish, had no idea about the big hair 70/80’s fashionable look so he was a little confused, but the Bouffant was embraced and has become a signature pastry at Ooomph. So it was the perfect name for the café site here in Gosford.”

bouffant bakery gosford central coast

Whilst the towering pastry treat is the headline act the concept of Bouffant is all about offering “fluffy goodness” for everyone.

The ‘grab and go’ style location offers an array of pastries, sweet treats, and breads from as little as $1.50. You can also walk out with a traditional European style croissant and quality coffee for just five bucks.

The concept of Bouffant is based on the hugely popular Spanish bakery, Granier, whose owner mastered the formula of crafting quality pastries at an affordable price. The wildly successful business story (there are now 350 Granier's across Spain) was a concept that Andrew and Marcus knew they could crack, and after playing around with the pastry formula they went ahead and trialed the idea at their bakery in East Gosford, where it was met with great pastry delight.

bouffant bakery gosford central coast

“It took off like crazy, we were running up and down the laneway all day bringing up more pastries and pies, which was great as it gave us the chance to test the system. Then when we introduced the concept at Ooomph and in one-day croissant sales went from 50 to 350, which was incredible. People were driving from all over the Coast to buy them.”

“It’s not a perfect croissant, to make a perfect croissant takes a lot more time, ours is a more rustic style but by doing it this way we can work with the best products and sell a beautiful tasting croissant.”

Croissants aren’t the only item on the menu, whilst we have been banging on about them they do make up just a portion of what you can either order in, or grab-and-go. If you’re after something substantial take either the 5 Cheese Toastie with Pesto option, or Soup of the Day, or for something a little next level the Scrambled Egg & Maple Soaked Bacon Burger is hard to go past.

When it comes to the pastries the list is long and it’s a win-win no matter what your selection is, whether its eclairs or Nutella donuts and then there are those Portuguese Tarts….

“The Portuguese Tarts are one of our biggest sellers, it’s just nuts, we sell around 1200 per week.”

bouffant bakery gosford central coast

Whether you have only a little bit of time or a lot, Bouffant is 100% worthy of jumping in the car to discover this piece of pastry heaven on the Central Coast, take your pick at what location with Bouffant popping up at 4 locations - East Gosford, Gosford, Terrigal and Umina.


38 Mann St, Gosford NSW 2250

Today - 0600 - 1800