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One For The Coast

One For The Coast is a special beer release that is 100% not for profit with all proceeds from both bar sales and cans being donated to Mental Health charities on the Central Coast. 

Brought to you by the Kincumber brewery, Block 'n' Tackle, the concept of the beer is best explained by Block 'n' Tackle bar manager Dean Litterick,

"The idea behind One For The Coast is for people to purchase and share one with a mate or two and talk, catch up, and let people know there are people there for them."

One for the Coast is available on tap at the Block 'n' Tackle Brewery and there is also a Karma keg getting tapped soon in which people can pay whatever they want for a schooner, that means if you want to $200, they can, with all monies donated!

There are a 1,000 cans available for sale in either singles, 4pks and cases, and they're selling fast!!

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