Eat & Drink

Bamboo Buddha

A place nourished through beautiful food and community vibes

As summer ended so did the rein of Tanya & Oliver at the Central Coasts plentiful Bamboo Buddha.  As they go on to start their next chapter, we welcome Linda who over the last 6 weeks has become the custodian of one of NSW’s largest and dedicated vegetarian cafes.

“There's different places for people to enjoy - as it gives an opportunity to connect with the community”.

Even if you have never tried yoga before or taken part in a healing ceremony or a sound bath you are on a supported journey here. With over an acre of gardens, a space for meditation, yoga and sound healings, a small gallery and last but not least a bespoke nursery, all encompassed in the serene valley of Holgate on the Central Coast, locals and visitors alike are instantly welcomed into this small community.

When visiting the café, you sit between pockets of luscious gardens, ponds full of Koi and winding pathways across the oasis. True to the heart and ethos of Bamboo Buddha, all food served is 100% vegetarian with organic dairy and local free-range local eggs being the only animal products being used, the menu is mostly vegan with the team finding suitable plant-based alternatives for most things.

“Most people don’t even realise it’s vegan as it is just good food, tasty and made from scratch”.

The Thai Noodle Salad is beautifully fresh with spicy satay sauce, and the most popular dish on the menu has to be the Twice-Cooked Risotto which was removed from the seasonal menu only to return after customer demand; and we are not surprised as this hearty dish is delicious with the great crunchy crust.

Supporting the food are a range of delicious drinks. 

They offer Zentient Culture Kombucha on tap, with a tangy flavour that is quite refreshing. The coffee is organic and being sourced from BlendCo which is based on the Central Coast, Bamboo Buddha is dedicated to supporting local businesses by using local produce in the menu and a creating a space for local artisans to showcase their work.

At the heart of Bamboo Buddha is the space to be yourself and it might just pique your interest in some self-care activities. Be it through the regular yoga sessions where you can pop in whilst on holiday or become a regular attendee. For those who are new to sound healing, Bamboo Buddha is a safe place to learn more. 

Facilitators use gongs or crystal bowls making a frequency with sound.  There are a range of certain frequencies that effect the body, brain and produce a sense of calm – it can be quite meditative.  The calming motions and stillness of the room make it easy to understand how practicing and partaking in sound healings can rejuvenate your energy.

There are no agendas or pushing a lifestyle here, the philosophy is to create a place to “be nourished through beautiful food, enjoy the surroundings and connect with family and friends”.  Bamboo Buddha is a pocket of peace and a welcoming community for locals and visitors alike.