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Acai Brothers Terrigal

A taste of summer with this the Superfood outlet opening in Terrigal!

This weekend we see the opening of Acai Brothers Terrigal, one of the original superfood bar concepts globally is finally coming Coast side!  Ben Day and Sam Carson created the chain in 2014 and have seen it grow to 20 stores nation-wide with more in the pipeline.

Sam Carson and Ben Day
Sam Carson and Ben Day

These dynamic bro’s have partnered with local business-savvy women Amber Lutterbey and Kim Robertson to bring the concept to life here and Ben could not be more stoked with the location for the Central Coast outlet.    

Let’s get the most important detail sorted out straight away – how does one pronounce Acai?

Go on, say it out loud, I’ll wait… so did you pronounce it Ahh-sigh-ee? To the few that got it correct, well done and to those (me included) that did not, we are not alone.  So much so Ben and Sam actually released a video on how to say it. 

You won’t have to worry about pronouncing Acai when ordering at this hole-in-wall outlet too often as the menu is quite extensive and varied.  Let’s start with the less obvious aspects of the menu that you may not be expecting.

The creative duo have given the humble Toastie a Bro-spin and they include some of the crowd favourites from the Bro-Reuban Toastie with falafel, matched with sauerkraut, pesto and vegan cheddar served on your choice of traditional sourdough, vegan rye or gluten free bread. Or maybe a vegan Bro-chini Burger with a special Acai Brother secret burger sauce?  The most popular dish overall is the Avo on Toast; with your choice of bread, cashew butter and topped with hemp seeds it’s a must try! 

Now for the Acai bro-ssentials; Ben’s summer favourite is the Raw Lemon - an acai based with lemon essential oils and your choice of fruits “The freshest summer flavours in a bowl” as he describes his go-to basic bowl.  All the Acai Basic bowls have a base of Zambazon Acai then built up with fruit and toppings be it NOtella, Lemon Meringue, Grapefruit or Mango Passionfruit.

Are you sensing a theme yet? 

Acai Brothers is a Vegan, Gluten & Dairy Friendly concept. “We don’t overly promote this detail, as we feel people may be intimidated” Ben explains.  There is nothing to be intimidated by here.

Amber and Kim will be dispensing the Zambazon Acai through a soft-serve like machine meaning that the Acai is in its purest form. Ben informs us that it has the “The highest content of Acai, no banana or guarana in the base, just some organic cane sugar and tapioca to help with natural bitterness”.  Being genuinely healthy is important to Acai Brothers with Ben explaining their intention is to be,

“A healthy brand on the go, making fast food healthy and teaching kids to eat amazing fresh food and the benefits that come with that.”

Acai Brothers Terrigal will be 100% vegan as it won’t be serving coffee. The reason being Ben explains “there are so many great coffee options already in Terrigal and we want to leave it to them”.  Integrating within the community is critical to each outlets’ success and you can take comfort in the fruit topping being fresh as they are sourcing produce from here on the Coast.

Sam Carson, Ben Day, Amber Lutterbey and Kim Robertson
Sam Carson, Ben Day, Amber Lutterbey and Kim Robertson

With health and fitness being the background of Ben and Sam, this bromance has produced their own formula of “Bro-tein” powder and “Bro-nola” that is available to purchase, all the retail products are what is used in store so you have the quality assurance of getting the same healthy experience.

There is a level of tongue in cheek to the unique brand, which makes it super approachable even for those who may be apprehensive about trying vegan cheddar on their El Bro-Rado Taco’s – oh yeah they are serving Taco’s too, yeah it really does keep getting better!

Acai Brothers Terrigal

2/98 Esplanade, Terrigal NSW 2260

Today - 0800 - 1600