Whiskey Partner

Inspired by the divine music that shares its name, The Gospel was founded on the belief in bringing a distinct Australian approach to a traditional American whiskey to the world. The Gospel uses proven techniques of the world’s most famous distilleries, coupled with Melbourne’s dynamic climate to create rye whiskey with passion, integrity and belief.

Truth and authenticity is woven into everything they do, and are driven by their passion to shine a light on the unknown and uncover the true spirit of rye.
Distilled and bottled by fanatics in Melbourne, all of whom have a fierce love for deliciously unpretentious rye whiskey. Their small, dedicated team produce everything by hand under the guidance of Master Distiller, Ian Thorn, who is the first and only distiller to hold the esteemed ‘Master Distiller’ accreditation in Australia.
The Gospel is the proud partner of Bar Awards – Whiskey Partner.